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  1. Hi all, Which one would you recommend? if this helps, my character is a KFM HM 18. I already have some bit and pieces from each set but wanting to know which is the best from the two? Thanks
  2. Hi all, its been awhile since I played BnS and I always have this question lingering in my mind. Are the side quests (blue quests) mandatory as in mandatory as the prerequisite to be completed for a certain yellow / orange quest to appear? if so, can anybody let me know which blue quests that you need to do? Thanks!
  3. thank you guys for the info. How about crafting order? i kind of heard with premium membership, it will give you more points?
  4. Hi all, Wondering if you have a premium membership for say 7 days, what would you do differently then? or what would you try to complete while you have it? Thanks for the advice!
  5. Hi all, To KFM experts out there, can you please let me know where currently i can get the items for unlocking the straight jab skills? i know currently you can buy hongmoon pellet from the merchant. ... Thanks
  6. Hi all, Regarding the recent 3rd anniversary event where you get the golden seed, I couldnt find the NPCs whom i can trade the seed with? Any idea where these NPCs are ? (in which region and their names?) Thanks for helping!
  7. Thanks MCWang, it is actually one of the weapon to buy via peaches. all good.
  8. Hi all, I am a fire KFM and currently have level 3 Dawnforged gauntlet. I am thinking of upgrading to level 4 and onwards. to upgrade to level 4 - i got enough peaches to buy the ujara gauntlet... however from level 4 to 5, it is said i need the skyrok gauntlet. i know it should be from the CB bosses, where to find them though and on what event? Please let me know. Thanks all. ^^
  9. Hi guys, I am now level 55 HM 16. i have been keeping those Solak gauntlets, bracelets, etc and also the Sterling ones. Question though, are they useful in later quest? i.e. for evolution material or anything else? OR i can just simply salvage them? Thanks Bam
  10. Hi all, Does anybody know if there is a merchant where you can buy the full divine dragon bracelet with only draken core? My situation is - i got about 132 draken core that i wanted to spend for my wind KFM level 55 HM 10, at the moment, i dont have any good / legendary accessories yet. my guild team recommend to buy first the oath necklace. However i thought i might ask the forum first.. who knows i can buy the bracelet first :) Thanks all.
  11. Hi people, I have been playing BNS for around a year now, my main character is lvl 55 HM10. Been doing daily quests and got good amount of solar energy. Question then, is Dragon express the only place where you can spend the solar energy and only to buy badges there? Thanks heaps for the info.
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