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  1. This is really getting ridiculous. I think the NcWest should realise that to gear up the charachter(at least one) to a normal gear where you will be able to go to end-game content ,you need to farm events EVERYDAY FROM ALL 10 ALTS for the whole time event is available(for oils=soul) OR spend lots of money in the game. I've been a player who would go to events and do dailies from all charachters, just because i wanted to enjoy latest content. But still i didn't have the end-game gear. And it led to - me spending almost whole day just doing events from all 10 charachters which i didn't even enjoy playing. I just wanted to play and enjoy the game ON MY MAIN, but it was impossible if you want a good gear. It felt more like work or even worse. Now i wanted to come back due to awakening patch. And this is beyond being ridiculous. I'm more than sure you're going to be like 'oh there's new event you can get up to 50 pet pods if you spend 10 hours from all your alts doing dailies and event dungeons to get pet pods for new Nova' however we still need oils for souls from events too, and upgrading all other components. Which if we just get usual event, we won't be able to buy oils+ lots of pet pods. And soul+nova+pet need a lots of those materials. And farming all events to get a decent gear from all alts is not fun at all. What even is this? And prices on Korean server are much fair. Where you could get oils and pet pods from doing weeklies.You could get 30 oils a month by doing it on alts. Moreover, weekly challenges as the name says are only once a week and then have cd, which means you do not need to spend that much time to gear your soul. That's why it is so easy for koreans to upgrade. Not like Eu/Na servers - going through event dungeons and daily challenges every day from 10 chars spending lot of time on that.People cannot even gear their mains( not even speaking of alts or 2 chars at least). Even on Nova, Korean's price is alright, but Eu/Na's price is just 'funny'. Idk how else i can describe it. But i guess you're not going to do anything with it, because as for now, you're getting enough of money and you're satisfied with it. Because 'whales' have an opportunity to spend 1k+ dollars on every treasure trove and rng boxes. The saddest part is that many people love the game, but are not able to enjoy and play it properly due to 'nice' events where you need to spend at least 5-6 hours a day from all chars and even with that much time spent you will not have a good gear. I personally love this game and been playing it since pirate version. Too bad it died out and more than that, too bad korean server isn't available for playing, otherwise everyone would just run away there, because they have reasonable prices where you could get your char to a good gear without putting so much effort and being left out with nothing much in the end like in Eu/Na. I hope at least someone from community managers and even upper - management team would try to play this game normally at least once and understand how horrible it is with economy\upgrades\events\prices. It just kills the game and makes it or p2w or just a work and not enjoyable for the rest of players.