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  1. I agree with the thread creator, avenues other than the dungeon loot drop should be considered, this will prevent a single path and potentially dead end scenario. As a new player,I have observed that there has been much effort to reduce the upgrade requirements to bridge the gap between new and old players, but nothing observable for clan development. I feel that the fundamentals of clan camaraderie is derived from wearing the uniform during raids or open world events (E.g the current Blade & Ghoul event). I sincerely hope that the GM team can consider and relax the requirements for this purpose.
  2. Thanks Annysan, Appreciate your inputs.
  3. Hi Annysan, Thank you for the response, especially for the headup on the events and newsletter. I have the gist of how it works. I would like to confirm that as a blade master: I cannot use other weapons(E.g pistol's and daggers) in the upgrade process and for the upgrade process, Are low level equipment (E.g Stalker/Bronze/Steel swords) still usable in the upgrade process despite the level requirement range for the legendary items? Thank you.
  4. Dear Community, I have been playing Blade and Soul(Blade Master Level 45 Act 3 ATM) for a week and have some questions with regards to the game system.My primary concern is my inventory and vault space which is almost full. I have already looked up the forum, but found conflicting information which i can assume due to the changes to the game system from time to time. Below are my queries, appreciate the help. My apologies for the long post and if this is a repeat: With Reference to Equipment upgrade path(Ctrl + i): What is the difference between "Breakthrough material" and "Offering"? Do I Salvage to the "Breakthrough material" or supply the weapon itself when upgrading? Do I salvage to acquire the "Offering" or supply the weapon itself when upgrading? Sterling, Ivory Moon, Lucent and Pinnacle Swords are pre-level 50. Does that mean I am unable to level up these weapons as there is no weapons upgrade path for them? If there is an upgrade path should i consider upgrading? E.g#1 Stalker Sword is a Breakthrough Material as well as Offering for Weapons that requirement Level 1 -36, Should this weapon should be salvaged/sold once i get a better weapon as sterling is already a level 42 weapon E.g#2 Lycan Sword is a Breakthrough Material as well as Offering for Weapons that requirement Level 21 -50, Should this weapon be kept to upgrade the pre-level 50 weapons if upgrade is applicable(Sterling to Pinnacle is level 42 to 50)? Can I use other class weapons as breakthrough or offerings? I intend to sell to vendor if it doesn't contribute to the upgrades Based on Point#1, are there any deviations for other gear(Necklace..earrings..etc) Soul Shield: Salvage Green & Blue Soul Shields for fusion powder? Will the quest(yellow) still provide a legendary soul shield? I have 800NCoins what would be your recommendations on what to spend(No cosmetic recommendations please)? Was thinking of getting: "Starter Pack" for 299 NCoins; primarily for resource expansion(based on the response for 1-3, it might not be necessary) Emerald Gem Package; Emerald Gem(Not available on Dragon Express) and Gem powder Do advise on the Gems i should consider getting from the gem powder. Thank you all.