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  1. also you need to unseal (identify) the items and for whatever reason they make you rely on a supply of those items that seem only given as log in rewards, as well as lock boxes, wasted a TON of keys on that first area spin wheel thing only to realize its the same small pool of items (got a cool costume though) Moving forward i probably wont unlock boss boxes until gearing for endgame, whats the point. Also i thought this game has a "keep your gear but upgrade it" system but im finding i need to replace my gear every couple levels with new items, which is unexpected. Haven't seen
  2. Thanks for all the info, i was sort of confused if this was a pvp only at endgame type game. Grind is fine, im an arpg fan so i enjoy grinds, especially with fun combat tied to it. While i typically find large raids tiresome, hours finding a group then potential failure after several hours of trying ect, im not totally against it. I have no issue with gearing up before i can gear up if that makes sense. I just want to make sure there is SOMETHING at endgame that isnt "leet pvp duels" As far as the name change, good info to know but really doesnt matter, i dont expect
  3. Im 100% pro grind, i play path of exile and diablo 3 for years, doing nothing more than the same content over and over for nominal gear gains or to remake a character just to do it. I love grind. Problem is when the grind is exclusive to only the top end playerbase. There needs to be something to do, repeatable dungeons i can solo ect. Please tell me there is this kinda content. I have no issue wasting a whole sunday trying to find a party for a hard mode dungeon but the game cant be so crappy to only cater to whales and no lifers with no inbetween content....can it?
  4. So there is absolutely no solo content after the campaign, it not even worth it to play if i can only play twice a week, and by the time i get everything i want the devs will make those items or class irrelevant? Basically starting new is a complete waste of time?
  5. exactly what i was looking for thank you. i never really thought about the melee needing to continually dodge vs range, that alone sort of solidifies what i wanted to do anyway, which was focus on the WL for now. I do sort of feel its 100% lacking in all the things that make this game unique so i was really thinking hard about a support melee but that can wait or i can use level up tokens on the melee and see if its something i want to invest in. As a weekend warrior i have a feeling the mid game waiting is going to be rough for me though. Maybe if the event stuff is
  6. well thats peachy. so what class warlock or soul fighter would be stronger for endgame gear grind in your opinion. I like both but if i can only focus on one im not sure if warlock does the combat system justice, however i feel like range would be easier. Im really not all that sure which one to focus on, i really wont know which class i like for endgame until i invest time into the class, im sure id like either. I just dont want to invest a bunch of time into a class then realize its worthless at endgame, or a class shunned, or a class with LOTS of endgame issues...w
  7. I made two character to start off with, soul fighter and warlock. Other than knowing warlock has a skill everyone likes in endgame pve and the soulfighter has a team rez...i dont really know what they are like at endgame. Which class should i focus on getting there first? My hope is that both characters are more than just a skill groups like. Not really interested in pvp at the moment. Any advice as to what to expect as either class? Also why cant i register for that warden gift set, i click it and it just spins and nothing happens. Whats endgame look like for bla
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