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  1. Hi all, I'm from Toronto and am just getting back into the game. At first I thought the reason I was getting hit so much was being unfamiliar with the gameplay, or the controls were different than I remembered. Then I started to realize the noticeable lags after I'd hit buttons and turned on the ping monitor only to see I'm landing at 120 if I'm VERY lucky, but usually between 160-200. I can't find any info from 2018 on server location but the older info I'm finding says Dallas, so I tried pinging some Dallas servers on Speedtest. I got between 49-55ms, so I'm stumped. I know most MMO NA servers are in the USA so ping won't always be optimal, but this is the first game where I'm having this much of an issue while being in the appropriate service region. Why is BNS so high? I have very good internet speed, so that shouldn't be the issue...