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  1. So we have a normal seraph sword just to skin How can i get that? Sorry for asking this question but cuz i don't have pc around ...
  2. Sorry i don't understand so we have 2 type of seraph sword? Or when i skin my seraph it'll have effect?
  3. As above Or is there any white color sword skin that fit my shadowless defender uniform? Thanks
  4. The one we get in the beginning is the one that soldier wear But this one, i saw it wear by captains and general
  5. This answer my question Thank you everyone
  6. https://bladeandsoul.gamepedia.com/Doyuhan#/media/File%3ADoyuhan.jpg https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/blade-and-soul/images/9/95/Doyung.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20190116071233&path-prefix=vi These look so nice and i would love to see some of them in game rather than those normal casual modern outfit
  7. I love thất armour so badly i want it But i can't find it anywhere in the market or f10 Is there anyway to get it?
  8. But when will i get the orange quest?
  9. I want to go to Khanda Vihar but I'm not yet unlock the map So when will I get to go there? I'm hm lvl 6 and just finish zaiwei story quest
  10. Which outfit that you guys think it represent the BM most? For me is the pure evil with mystywood cold iron sword The purple hue go well with the sword and it's fit the Ronin theme. What about you?
  11. What is BT raid? How long is it take for a raid? I'm current hm lvl 5 but i haven't come across any raid
  12. What outfit do you guys think represent BM most? I love the wanderer swordman but i haven't come across any outfit that fit my style What is your?
  13. As above And is there any samurai theme outfit except the samurai armour in hm store?
  14. Is there any other way that I can obtain ores or I have to do the dungeon?
  15. All I can see are metal plate and some stone fussing but no ores tobe found anywhere
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