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  1. ok, well still nothing, but thx for your answer
  2. I wonder why there is no announce yet for the off server of tomorow,any idea of the hours and time ?
  3. en fait c'est bon le lanceur était sur NA -_-
  4. Bonjours tous mes personnages ont disparue , qu'est ce qu'il se passe, c'est comme si on avait tout supprimé, et jen'ai que deux slot de création alors que j'avais au moins 7 personnage
  5. Hello, long time i didnt play, and i heard that destro wont be able to carry big boss from any dungeon. Is it true? cause i loved my female gon destro , she was so badass and sexy to carry huge boss, but now, i wonder? Only on pvp and mobs?
  6. ye sit missed now, they nerfed dungeon, so they remove those x30 mats i got them on my main few days befor the update, but on alt i didnt see them anymore, only crap bt ss that i already have -_-
  7. Hello I just ended act 9 and here what i can say about Tayhu, https://i.ytimg.com/vi/CcSkUjAY9eo/maxresdefault.jpg She is a representation of Tseu Hi, last empress of China of the Qing Dynasty. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Empress_Dowager_Cixi First both are dowager empress, all along their respectfull stories they are accused to be hangry ffor power, (which is for Tseu Hi kinda not true i will speak about later) Both locked up their son, Tayu locked Sunbin, while Tseu Hi locked GuanXu, also true heir of Qing Dynasty. Both have non o
  8. hello one member of my guild got the skin of warrior in reward, and he told me he used a code on the nc acc, but i dont have it, how do i get it?
  9. ah thx, happpy to see i m not alone ot think it
  10. Well for a game where 70% of the char created are female i d say my view is more in the real context, than yours but yes some prefer male, but design male of this one was also very cool for me
  11. Bonjour voilà j'ai une gtx 1050 Ti installé récemment, et un processeur intel 2400 i5 sur une carte mère asus avec 8 gigas de mémoire vive Pourtant quand je fait un VT run avec ma guilde, à chaque chargement du dongeon quand je repop, le cpu carbure, et cela m'inquiète globalement le jeu tourne sans trop forcer, mais parfois comme dans ce cas là, alors qu'on est que 12 sur la map, ca a l'air de demander un effort immense. Mes graphisme sont en 2 et 4, pas d'ombre pas d'option d'opitmisation réalisme etc. Juste assez pour voir les skill de boss
  12. well for me ppl have taste very standard i should vote yes but anyway that is frustrating also for one time i saw something very cool and well dressed to change of the boobs view over time
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