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  1. We waste our time and gold trying to do something that is flawed. then let them work a little.
  2. Do you think a lot of people here complaining do not know how to tell? all who are in need of some are already including those of the F10
  3. But nothing can upgrade with 13 oils.
  4. Another Senior "Hi there, Yuri here, one of the Senior GMs of the Blade and Soul Support Team. I understand that you wish to have the Pristine Astral Oils given to your friend. However, as mentioned, we do not have this kind of service. I can only assure you that all tickets are reviewed and granted on a case-by-case basis. I know that this is not the answer you are expecting but we can only ask for your understanding. If you have any other issues aside from this one, please do contact us again. Regards,"
  5. I'm at 100% with 13 oils so i need only two. I sent a lot of messages to the support, these were the answers: 1: Hello, I have looked into your request. However, we are unable to offer a reversal for failed attempts as it is an intentional mechanic for one to lose items when an attempt fails. Given that it is a one way process, I'm afraid we are unable to process this request. We have looked into the angle of transferring the Pristine Astral Oils for you as well, however, the item is meant to be bound to character. Given that it's meant to be used by the other chara
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