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  1. Any Idea how to fix Black screen only in bns

    already fixed it thanks guys. and im not usin Bns Buddy
  2. Any Idea how to fix Black screen only in bns

    Black screen everytime i press Click. how can i fix it?
  3. I was Doing the ''Event Dungeon'' Today... and my screen suddenly Turn black i thought my Computer died but i heard game Bg music when i press Alt tab so I press Alt + Enter but every time press Click my screen Turning black and then this player with negative attitude tried to report me for being ''AFK'' while he is busy typing negative words and everyone is doing dps in game.. i tried to help even if i can't click the game i just use my R button and use the gun.. and this guy didnt even do anything but typing.... i even get the agro on last boss and he said i didn't even do anything... guy help. how can i fix this black screen thing (Sorry for bad English)
  4. Show Off Your Warden

    my warden
  5. How fix this guys.. yesterday i was able to play but now i cant start my characters