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  1. ToxicPeopleKiller really? You think that stalkng market is that what I want to do in BnS? xD No. Low level characters need back gold and materials. And high leveled need mats too from dungeons. 2 chests is not so many per dungeon.
  2. I just want to say something as a new player. I think that NCSoft must think about add more material rewards in dungeons. Ok You added more weekly rewards, but it is only once for a week. About daily and dungeons. For example in Naryu Sanctum and higher dungeons before patch we had chance to gain even 6-7 chests with materials per dungeons. Now We have chance to gain only one and 1-2 from accomplishing dungeons. Its a big difference. I am farming IF and EL 10 hours per day and I am gaining from one day only about 60 sacred crystals and soulstones - its too low quantity comparing to t
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