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  1. Some Questions from a new player

    Yeah i always check videos, guides , tips , tricks ,etc for it but imo its no the same ' i have to feel it ' what i mean its i can watch a ton of videos or guides strats but i don't know if i can do it until i try it out for myself imo its not the same and i won't get it as fast if i won't do it myself than if someone else describes it how to do it i don't know why but it will always feel it that way smoother to learn and less annoying :( Yeah thats why i say that i won't have that learning curve if you just start to do dungeons at max level there its a ton of things you have to figured out on a mmo that no guide can tell you , and its your own unique playstyle that every player has. even when someone tell you , that you are doing it wrong its not that you are doing it wrong its just how you do it cause its the way you like to do it and its that same way that you have fun playing the game with even if you later on figured out that if you do it to some other whatever way would be better or can improved your gameplay aka dps.
  2. Some Questions from a new player

    Thank you for all the answer guys <3 i have an idea more or less now of what i can expect from the game i was saying that i play solo cause i don't see many clans or grps for low lvl so probably would be a wasted of time to try to get in to a clan since no body does the low level content and are more focused towards the endgame. But what worries my the most is that on this game i won't have a learning curve where i can see how i can improved while leveling through dungeons or different encounters since i have to play solo all the way to the endgame and when i get to the endgame i will have to do it on the fly which its in a way not as fun as doing it while leveling imho. So yeah i will do it that way leveling and see how it goes at max level it seems you can level pretty fast
  3. Hello Blade and soul community. Im new on blade and soul and i don't consider myself a returning player since when the game launch on eu / na i play like a week or 2 and i leave shortly after cause i was playing another game at the moment and i don't have enough time for blade and soul. i was giving bns another try out but its a bit overwhelming from a new player stand point what i mean its all i see its ppl asking for ppl full gear and i don't even see enough ppl to get to that point as a new player i mean im right now lvl 24 and i decided to start a new character since i don't remember anything about skills etc But what i see its that i can't even find a grp after 30 min watiing for Blackram Narrows on the LFP. So here are some of the questions i would like to ask: Do you think is easy / friendly to start as a new (solo) player? Do you think i would have fun leveling since i can't even know if i would be able to find a grp to do dungeons till high level? Since i don't know anything about dungeons and such @ high level and theres almost no new ppl would i find grps to dungeon with @ high level? i don't know what else to ask since my initial plan was to do some arenas 1v1 for fun and a dungeon here and there some hunting and at some extend give a try to world pvp if theres any. So yeah thank you for reading till here <3