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  1. Yeah and free aransu for all ohh and gem also gilded ones.
  2. Lol you have no clue why its low( from your perception low means stable right? Wrong! ) because of the boxes everything drops from there.After the boxes are gone what will happen?
  3. Lol easy way around this is time the capcha then bot again +ap will make them like super warriors that can 1 hit specially FM ice.
  4. Yes got one yesterday and today
  5. Rage timer lowered nuff said imagine a 900 ap goes to Sanctum? even 1k players have a hard time or can barely make the timer(i am 1k player I play that dungeon i know the rage time) You?
  6. Btw its not PTS you need Emperian Stones which cost likw 265g+ need 5 to raven. Mushin TOI Farm at SSP sell the mats you can farm and buy the mats you cannot
  7. 40g+ (potential to get 1k ugh ive said too much). There are many ways to get gold. Yes if you have items you can get 1k gold per week in dungeons for us bale?
  8. I realised grinding in this game is really not needed to earn gold you just have to know how to exploit how the market works. Reality is i am a low tier player affected by this patch also but i circumvented how market is and how easily you can manipulate it and use economy 101. Im earning 40g+ a day without going into dungeons. This week im going raven 3. Well like i said exploit the market. I WAS THE GUY REQUESTING FOR A FREE RAVEN IN HERE NOW I CAN AFFORD IT
  9. Check the server your playing maybe thats the problem
  10. Since were prioritizing new dungeons now, baleful players cannot enjoy this rebalancing updates that you are doing. Were living off scraps and you take away the scraps from us. In order to survive this (raven weapon dungeons) (all the parties are looking for raven weapons or else you get kicked) implementation why not offer us free upgrade to raven just to have a fighting chance to join. Problems of new players like me. 1. Gold farming is a pain with the patches. Not an alluring thing for new players. 2. Mats are high there are no suitable farming places that you c
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