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  1. Gamepad camera functioning strangely

    I figured it out.
  2. Lyn Warden... '-'

    Now about the rest of the community? About the other regions? What about all the opposition against such a claim? Leys also not forget the completely obvious fact you cant run on water, fly through the air, speed up in mid air, toss energy balls etc And what logic is that? Because this game doesnt follow any level of logic at all.
  3. Lyn Warden... '-'

    From what i understand its a western/european thing, even if they have beards if its below a certain height or lacks mamaries its a child. Its a really strange mindset ive noticed tbh.
  4. No new news on

    I appreciate your response and will let my friends know, theyll be excited for the news.
  5. Why discriminate against feminine Yuns?

    They could or the Yun is just a female only race that can mate with other races but only birth females due to dominate chromosome production.
  6. No new news on

    I play Warlock on pc though i was much excited for that 2017 reveal.that they were working on BnS for consoles. A majority of my friends interested in mmos only play them on console and id love to expose them to this beautiful game. That and the last update screwed up controllers on pc so im at odds with warlock on BnS mode control scheme I mised pax and havent found any info in english so i ask if there has been any word or snippet on if theyre still continuing it or if it was abandoned? Id use twitter to ask but i saw so many channels i simply backed off. Thank you for your attention.
  7. Mouse and kb work fine but when i use an xbox controller the camera control becomes very unresponsive and character movement becomes static and hard to do anything in. Edit: figured out how to fix BnS mode for Xbox controllers If you use a controller in BnS mode the left right up and down camera controls will not function properly and only the 4 corners can pan the camera To fix this issue upon clicking on BnS executable or short cut the small NCSoft box will pop up Go to settings and run the game in 32 bit instead of 64 bit Then log into the game Activate BnS mode then scroll down to reactivatw gamepad mode and lower X and Y sensitivy to around 5 or 10 any higher and it causes any minor turn to pan through your character causing disorientation. It functions pretty well now.
  8. I have the gamepad on and the buttons and attackd work fine, but what i noticed now that the game didnt do when i took a break a few years ago is this very strange camera panning. Basically my right stick cannot pan the camera directly up down left or right Instead pushing it diagonally up down left or right not only pans the camera but causes an auto adjustment I tried putting the camera setting to classic mode but it turns off the xbox controller, anyone else with this issue? If so any work arounds found?