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  1. ikr? This doesn't make sense to me at all. Another thing is Jinsoyun going back as a child. And JIWAN writing and sending a letter to cricket lmao. If she can do that, then that means she's still alive, or was able to come back to life. So Hong should be able to come back too
  2. Howdy, y'all! As the title suggests, my fps is locked at 60, even though in my settings, it's at 80. Sometimes I would get 80 fps, but most of the time it's locked at 60fps. I don't get it. To get 80 fps, I'd have to restart my PC, which is very annoying and time consuming. I have an i7 5th gen. 12 cores CPU, GTX 970 4gb, and 144hz 2k resolution monitor. My OS is Win 10 64-bit. I tried all sorts of tweaking but I still won't get 80fps. The game also launches at 64-bit. Maybe there's something that I haven't tried yet, that you guys know and may want to share?
  3. Yes. My quest letter section is empty. I also checked my quests but it's not there.
  4. I don't normally post on forum boards, but this time I felt like I needed to. I've spent hours running around the map, trying to figure out how to obtain the "Climbing to greater heights" quest, but with no avail. This is really frustrating, and stupid, imo, that quests like this is not automatically obtained. Can someone with good heart help me? Also, if anyone knows how to get the air dash and water dash quests, I'd really appreciate it. Btw, I'm a level 47 Yun gunslinger, crimson faction, if ever that's important or not.
  5. Hi, Happy! I was just wondering, since it's been over a year now, how did you acquire this quest? I also bought the horn but I still don't get the quest.
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