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  1. I'm going to enjoy my Lyn Warden. A slot ready and prepared.
  2. On a serious note I've never tried PVP before, and I honestly don't know exactly how to prepare for it. I wanted to try it out, but don't want to go in blind. Lvl 55 summoner HM lvl 10 Is that good enough to actually try it out? I've only ever focused on leveling and never thought I would try it, but I want to now.
  3. Yun race the feminist race. Makes sense Explains why they're dying out. Where are the men? Maybe if there were men yuns it would be more popular.
  4. Want some more jelly for your jelly and jelly sandwich? Summoner is too adorable for the steroid race to have. Gunner I don't really care for though, so I agree you should get those scraps. Lyn Warden was beyond my control though, but us lyns will gladly accept our special present. Lyn Lyn power
  5. Blade dancer belongs to us Lyns. The master race.
  6. Lyn and a yo-yo weapon Yo-yo yo-yo fighters. That won't be the name just wanted a yo-yo weapon type class. ?
  7. lyn Warden looks so cool. Can't wait can't wait. So excited ☺️☺️☺️
  8. I'm sorry I really don't understand what you mean. I just recently started back playing. Even before I didn't really understand much. ^-^ I'm still learning more about the game and things. ^-^
  9. Like the date or when is the update for it exactly. Is it close or just far away to coming? I tried looking it up couldn't really find anything on it.
  10. Why can't lyn have it? Why not just ask for more classes for other races instead of saying lyns shouldn't have it.
  11. My first character I choose the crimson faction it was full a lot of talk. I tried cerulean with my second character not many people and not many active clans. I didn't think it would have been this quiet over there.
  12. After salvaging a costume from store does it give me fabric and high grade fabric? After that what exactly would I have to do when I get both to make a costume?
  13. I finally reached level 55 finished all main quest. What's the best way to level my HM level now?
  14. I'm at chapter 3: Storming faircloud and I've been having trouble with the Warden. I come half close to beating him but suddenly I die then my familiar and I can't revive. I have been going back and forth in there for a few days. I tried fighting far away or straight at him. Something just poofs and all full Hp gone in a snap. Always half close to killing him. Everything seems fine then I just die. I am trying to find out what I may be doing wrong.
  15. I can't get the chest through what I have been told is gained through Daily quest and I'm only level 50 at the moment. I just want to get the event costumes and go back to doing my main quest. I'm still pretty new to this game and this would be my first event experience. Still trying to figure things out. Is there any start place or Npc to go to? Or is my level to low to even try anything?
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