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  1. why is the gate closed in cold storage dungeon? what i see to hopefully draw some conclusions. 1, there are no mobs and the gate is closed, 2. there are mobs but killing mobs will not open the gate my assumptions A. you can only do this dungeon once a day B. if anyone in your party who has done this dungeon today, dungeon will be closed. then how would i know if anyone who has done this dungeon today? C. this dungeon opens on and off to harass you and waste your time without system's messages D. game bug
  2. my found dungeon rules of how to get your quests completed when death involved? 1. you must not be dead 2. you must be in the same region that a circular portal seperates, but not so sure about this. question A: a lot of times, i see some players maintain dead in a sogun dungeon until the boss is killed, will they get their quests completed if someone res them? question B: after you die, but if you spawn fast before the boss is killed, in front of a portal but behind the fire, i know you still get the quest completed (but i dont remember clearly anymore) as in sogun boss related. question C: you may not get your quest completed, if you are in the spwan loading process, while the boss is killed in that time (example boss : sogun) question D: i heard someone said "stay dead until someone res you", (did i read or understand it right?) question E: i joined the desolte tomb dungeon as a last player, i was behind the fire and others were killing the 1st boss, but i didnt get the 1st quest done. why didnt it work here but it worked on the sogun dungeon? basically, it means "do not tank", "die fast and spawn" or "spawn fast" and wait for others kill the boss where is the justice for those who tanked but died when the boss was almost dead? or last long time but died just before the boss death
  3. gunslingers are pro tournament rejects in BnS, there isnt even one pro gunslinger match anywhere, BnS pro's said so themselves. gunslingers are useless, they said. i have a hard time finishing 3 wins in a mushin tower, standoff timing is impossible once you are tossed up in the air, there is no obvious way to get one hook working without loading 1st which is impossible to do and i think gunslingers are slow movers.
  4. > ....It's just they can't accept rewards while being dead. ok, if no one rez-es me, i will spwan fast (4) as soon as the boss dies and someone already picks up the drops. in that way, i can still take part in bidding for an auction. > First quest part in desolate tomb is arrive at first boss' room. Not kill boss ok i played this desolate tomb 3 times so far, i am learning. i got it thanks, next time i will leave the party when i see them killing the boss.
  5. >If you die in a boss area typically just stay there dead until clear or reset. Guaranteed quest done. ok i will stay dead in the boss area from now on. i always spwaned because i didnt kow about this, but i heard...because i never felt right staying dead. can you define boss area? would it be anywhere "in front of a portal but behind the fire"
  6. what is the aggro steal condition between a sommoner and his pet? no matter how much my pet has been damaging a mob, it doesnt matter how much because if i use 1. or 2. or 3. then 1. doom and bloom 2. grasping roots 3. thorn strikes i steal my pet's aggro and a mob or a boss starts to hit me until i use my pet "hammer strike". then they fight with my pet and i become safe again. but it takes forever for my pet to kill a boss or a mob this way,
  7. Tyliast wrote >instead of having to go back and forth? you won't do as much damage but it's better than not being able to spam back and forth?? i wrote >>ok, then i think i will be the wind, mouse L-R clicks are bad for me. you wrote >>>Well you might wanna try what @Tyliast wrote i will do wind now.
  8. >before going into the dungeon so i presume you are maybe at F8's npc dungeon lobby >u see on the bottom right which flashes something like 0/2. i will keep my eyes on the bottom right area at the dungeon npc lobby to check 0/2 1/2..... etc
  9. >then he will get locked out from the first boss as well. Stupid isn't it? i didnt know how complicated the game design intention was so locking goes on for a whole day? till the end of reset? so basically do this dungeon fast when the reset is on, and maybe you get luckier. oops i meant "do not use" "join in progress mode" for this dungeon maybe when reset is on... ok i wont expect too much from this dungeon and i will try to find an alt option instead of asking why it doesnt work.
  10. >Gunner is also a 1 star difficulty xD mash 2 buttons and GG not quite so, i use R to replace the left mouse button but not that i understand what this means "1 star difficulty xD mash 2 buttons and GG"
  11. >>About the aggro thing, the way aggro works in this game is following: basically you are saying aggro is not additive, correct? that is why my pet cant hold a basic aggro with 1000 damage points in each strike even for 5 minute pounding, if my basic attack is 2500. i got it since i am new to this, i will try Q later
  12. >instead of having to go back and forth? you won't do as much damage but it's better than not being able to spam back and forth?? ok, then i think i will be the wind, mouse L-R clicks are bad for me. this pattern was what i used before wind suggestion :start i start with 1 and 2 wait 2 sec press F F if possible use c for stun type 1 wait 2 sec press F F if possible use v for stun type 2 wait 2 sec while i hold down LMB most of the time. goto :start
  13. >the questions are, how did you skill your skills, all cc or actually damage, do you play wind or earth? do you use lrm/rmb right? it is diffrent to gunner my skills were basically what the game automatically filled in 1234, zxcv slots. for "k" skill menu, i think the default was earth? so it is earth if you think wind is better? then i will try it someday, but not now. one at a time even if it is weak. >lrm/rmb right i use left mouse button mostly, RMB uses a lot of energy, LMB does about 2500 and RMB does about 7000 but this is not the problem, i cant click left, right, left, right.... fast. i got some shoulder injury to prevent to click two button clicking rotation fast.
  14. > Game is out 2 years i think i seen BnS game ads, maybe 6 years ago, maybe i have been playing BnS for maybe 3 weeks + few more days summoner 3 days so far, my pet does about 1000 damages, i do about 2500. i kill mobs, my pet does bosses with lots of time at the moment. you can brag you can do 100k but it makes no differnce to me. unlike gunslinger i am kind of used to for 3 weeks, my gunslinger does about 3500 in general but 35000 on burst or triple shot related. but a summoner, my pet does 1000 + i do 2500 = 3500 all together but it doesnt have burst kind of damage output, so it is difficult for me to tank the boss at the moment and my pet takes almost no damages from any bosses, so i am using it as a tank,
  15. >our cat is a debuffer, it does not do any dps. you really go ahead and try and pet kill, they solo bosses and solo mobs. i killed mostly end quest bosses or end quest npc's with my pet only. because i cant stand a chance if i take the aggro, or i have to break my arm muscles trying if i take them on. >debuffer you mean ability to knock them down or daze them? debuff is like to me, when i put a shield on me, then debuffer removes my shield to kill me. that is debuffing, i never saw my pet could that. i dont know any debuff possbile classes in BnS.
  16. >Your cat will.never he able to kill anything. yes they do, i can see many numbers poping out of a boss or a mob, when my pet swings his hammer >The cat has a skill called crouching tiger (Q) it only says about "decrease damage", and it doent say anything about stealing aggros or holding aggros, but i will try "Q thing" and verify this later, i am so new at this summoner at the moment. > the aggro will switch to you but then once off cooldown you crouch the cat again. 12 sec cooldown and 7 sec long crouching seems ok, but i have to run for 5 sec because a boss will be after me? my pet kills bosses but so slow. or i wouldnt have finished the quests. because a summoner doesnt have the gunslinger's burst damage output >The cat is not a damage source it's use is mostly for cc and protection. not a source, but i cant solo bosses one on one unlike a gunslinger i am used to. so my pet takes the fight and all bosses go down... slowly but i want to add some of my damages , but they do me badly. whoever does the most damage takes the aggro rule doesnt seem to work in summoners.
  17. >because idiots that start the boss and finish it BEFORE everyone inside. it happens to every dungeon, other dungeons didnt have the problem, i can repeat some dungeons over again, but why does it matter in cold storage that everyone has to be in? >Thus locking that dungeons to whoever comes late. the party is dismantled after the boss is dead, so it should not be effective. even if it is locked, it should only happen to the leader for a day. but are you saying if one player in a whole sever did this, then the entire players in a server would be locked too? >The only way you know your party or one of your member has done CS before is by looking at dungeon list. i looked at the list after players are gathered, what do i need to look at exactly? because the party can still enter. but it is for nothing, the door is still closed. >You will see padlock icon beside the dungeon name like heaven's mandate, if mandate is locked, then i know i can not enter and join because a pedlock shows up because i have done this today but cold storage didnt have a pedlock, so i entered, so did everyone else, but it was locked inside. >and if you hover your cursor on top of the dungeon name.. you will see the name of person who already done the dg in red. i still dont see any red, you hover on the dungeon name, you will see a person in red? and not the dungeon name in red, even if possible? it doesnt make sense at all to me.
  18. >i PUGged Cold Storage today what is pug? >Cold Storage is PUGged unfriendly what does it mean?
  19. do you need these weapons for upgrade or breakthrough purpose someday? ivorymoon sterling lucent pinnacle -------------------- only the quest given weapon that is most important i can see now is the gunwon weapon
  20. FPS (frames per second) my FPS varies from 2 to 20 mostly in the current resolution 1280 x 800 situations. * i cant turn off particle effects, and i cant turn off water ripple effects in this game, but this game turns off party members buff effects and attack effects so i play this game blindly. i have no idea who hits what. * if i reduce the screen size to 800 x 600, my FPS goes to 30+ then i can see others attack and buff effects, but then i have to be an ant to see to play the game. particle effects or ripple effects reduce my 20 FPS to maybe 0.5 FPS (the game says 2, it is not 2) how do i increase FPS? in graphics settings that might help? this game rather wants us to see the water than the other players attacks and buffs. i can only see my own attack and buff effects.
  21. i am trying to do or unlock two orange quests, but i am stuck at 1. and 2. 1. khanda vihar - chapter 6. path of redemption 2. fate of aransu - chapter 5. reunions and regrets until 1.'s chapter 5, the bosses had around 200k hp but in the 1.'s chapter 6, even a mob has 800k HP, what do you want me to do? until 2.'s chapter 4, the bosses had around 300k hp but in the 2.'s chapter 5, even a mob has 6 million HP, what do you want me to do? do you NCsoft want me to finish these quests? or do i have to beg or pay others to finish these quests for me?
  22. soul stone crystal soul stone crystal bundle type 1 soul stone crystal bundle type 2 soul stone soul stone bundles moonstone crystal moonstone crysal bundles moonstone moonstone bundle sacred crystal sacred crystal bundles sacred orb elysian crystal elysian crystal bundles elysian orb elysian bundles players bid or buy a "soul stone crystal" or a "sacred crystal" for 0.00001 gold. why do they bid or buy "soul stone crystal bundles" or sacred "crystal bundles" or a "sacred orb" for 1 gold and more? unless somewhere in the game that is not telling me so far that these bundles are maybe used for needed mats themselves for upgrading somewhere. i am now trying to save and stack these bundles for the reason i dont know, but i am tired of this nonsense, because my inventory spaces are very limited. is this how NCsoft sells the cash items like inventory bags? making us run ouf of spaces to put?
  23. >>Those are endgame 12 man... i knew they were orange so it could be an end game and hard. but until chapter 5 and 4, all was solo-doable? then why sudden changes? for past several weeks , starting quest khanda vihar's in sand stone village, i thought mobs were poping out every 3 second, i got scared and so i avoided the orange quests, thinking these orange quests were different. ok then chapter 6 and 5 are not quests anymore. i will stop here and do them when i am ready someday. i hope finishing chapter 5 and 4 unlock something
  24. Please put this game available on steam

    what is stream? i have never heard of it. i know what consloe games are, they are all garbage, you cant even save games properly, you cant use a mouse, but have few keyboard buttons to play the whole games, and they have pulldown menus to give even simple commands... really bad.
  25. i checked youtube as to which gems you get 1st 1. diamond=just more ap 2. amethsyt = 240 life drain on crit i understand 1. and 2. 3. aquamarine = 110 life drain + 10% focus recovery but why 3.? if i already have life drain in 2. and the focus recovery must be useless for a gunslinger, because focus is not auto, and it doesnt grow, it must be manually loaded. the video said... get 1. 2. 3. ---------------------------------- the video didnt even mention ruby and sapp 4. ruby = 400 more damage what is wrong with 4. the ruby ? arent more damages good? 5. sapp = instant recovery on blocking what is wrong with 5.? instant sounds better than the recovery over time to me, but bosses never block , they always resist. so sapphires are not good? so then the effects that happen when on daze, stunned, blocked, knockdowns... etc are all bad because they happen rarely? then how about amber, amber is based on "hit", hit happens all the time 6. amber= more defense + 2000 hp when on hit at the moment i can only make 4 gems maximum.