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  1. I'm still don't know why people think that it's ridiculous what I'm saying: GTAV http://www.news.com.au/technology/home-entertainment/gaming/target-pulls-gta5-from-shelves-after-a-sex-workers-campaign-to-shut-down-grand-theft-auto-v-due-to-its-sexual-violence/news-story/44babbe6184dded48e4c2c9dfdbb72e5 Rapelay http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/4611161/Rapelay-virtual-❤ ❤ ❤ ❤-game-banned-by-Amazon.html http://edition.cnn.com/2010/WORLD/asiapcf/03/30/japan.video.game.❤ ❤ ❤ ❤/index.html Custer's Revenge https://kotaku.com/5847507/❤ ❤ ❤ ❤-racism--repetition-this-is-probably
  2. Again another one that haven't understand my post or read it at full... I'm not saying that PK = Assasination or Murder, but Mix love, friendship and other related, with kill and PK is promoting violence, not the same, I'm not talking that it's the same, I'm talking is PROMOTING, you are getting my words further from context... You don't know how to justify that you are enjoying killing people... because you know it promotes violence... probably you are violent and you are venting here in the game... But again, this is my last reply, I'm answering you because you reply before mine, and b
  3. The point is that I've read your post, but you haven't read mine, because if not, you won't be talking about... When you read it I will come back to answer you, but I'm not here for teaching you to read and also not for explain or reason your answer, that are previously explained in the introduction of my post... You can't tell me that I'm not checking my spelling and grammar errors, because you haven't read at least the most of my post... and if I'm a lawyer this is only a advise, I'm not working just now, a forum is not a place for communication, you need to use fax bureau to officia
  4. Hello, I'm an international lawyer specialized against gender violence and family conflicts, I want to remember before begin my allegation that actually there are so several associations against the gender violence, specially about violence against women, and not only associations, all actual society is fighting against this, and this event is promoting all type of violence (verbal, physical, bullying, and specially gender violence and genocide). You can say that maybe this game is plenty of violence, but the point is the difference about Non Player Characters and Playe
  5. No, you suggestion to remove moonstones from Battlegrounds, you are suggestion to practically remove all ways to farm moonstones... I don't suggestion that, I'm suggesting to promote more ways to farm them... The explaination is there: The difference between you and me, is that I don't want to remove them from Battleground, I suggest to make another way to farm them in PvE. You can obtain similar results making a PvE way to obtain them, because they will prefer a secure PvE way to farm them, than a improbably win or lose way to get them... Did you understand? Your suggestio
  6. I'm agree mostly with you, but you are against yourself, We need MORE ways to get moonstones, not LESS ways to get moonstones. Look at your point... If they delete moonstones from battleground, we couldn't get moonstones, if no one could get moonstones, moonstones price will rise up, and up, and up... probably a moonstone can reach 50g or 100g in few weeks, in a month you can probably see them by 300g or more, I'm not going to talk about manufactured items with them (TS, PTS, Empyrean Stones, Kirin Atler, Soulshields, etc... etc...) that will wreck the market... The only way I thin
  7. Maybe now it's not so easy, I'm getting all days I play 2 keys at day doing only daily rewards just now, and I'm not doing all days the dailies rewards... But I have stacked like 400 keys, because sometime ago that was a key festival, I was only doing 2-3 days of the week dailies, and I've stucked 400 keys... maybe people that was doing all dailies or farming probably get 1000 keys easily, or much more... I'm tired of answer the same, again and again, and again, I've showed that it's not 15 golds, are much more golds based on actual market, watch my answers and replies you will fi
  8. That's the point, ALWAYS have been PvP Content, the problem of battlegrounds (whirlwind or beluga) isn't that community isn't interested on them, that's because a very high percentage of community, like me, dislike PvP, I prefer PvE, 10 times more than PvP, and improve rewards doesn't solve the problem, maybe some players will change to PvP Systems for avarice, in despite they didn't like PvP, but mostly of us, didn't like PvP, that's the point, I know that there is a percentage probably 20-35% that loves PvP and that are so much players, but still a ... 65-80% that doesn't like PvP I'm not
  9. So your point is, farm moonstones is only allowed to veterans PvP Players, they have the monopoly... any other player that want moonstones has to buy them, yes or yes... if they decide together to set moonstones at 500 golds, due they are the unique monopoly, the other players has only three ways, pay it to them, play without moonstones or leave the game furious? Nice Dictatorship. Thanks goodness that this balance decisions do not depend only of you, hope more people will understand my point of view. The point of that, is that the game is always growing up, what this means...? I will show
  10. Ok, leave the moonstone crystals and the moonstones, but change all the moonstones as crafting/upgrading/transmuting material for Moonstone Crystals, and moonstones will only available for sell them in the Market and for processing them into Crystal Moonstones... And as I said, there are too much uses for moonstones in crafting/transmuting system... This is so similar to the 3rd solution/way/system I write in the first post, the only difference is that you leave the moonstones, but the only one neededs are MS Crystals, but instead i have to said you that this still is unbalanced, PvP Players g
  11. The reason to begin this topic is for an economy balance suggestion to Moonstone. The point is that, this item (Moonstone) it's too hard to get, you can get "Moonstone Crystals", but there isn't the same item... the point is the only 2 ways to get Moonstones farming is close-linked to PvP system, there are only 3 ways to get moonstones daily farming and they are that: 1. Battleground System. (Obtaining Sparkling Battleground Loot Boxes) 2. Faction System. (Getting the Whirlwind Key for the Sparkling Battleground Loot Boxes, or Killing Main Bosses in Soulstone Plains) 3. Daily Chal
  12. Puffff, There are so much changes, you will understand it if I tell you, that a character can do poharan alone in the minimum time... Ok, first of all, Max Level is 55, after that you become another special level that is known as Hongmoon Level, you can achieve level 55 only by main quests (yellow) probably you will easily finish main quests with lvl 55 Hongmoon level 4-5, every hongmoon level you get 5 points for put to attack or defense, when you reaches some qty of points, you get bonuses of HP and Defense or Attack Power and Critical, the hongmoon level requires a very high qty of e
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