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  1. Puffff, There are so much changes, you will understand it if I tell you, that a character can do poharan alone in the minimum time... Ok, first of all, Max Level is 55, after that you become another special level that is known as Hongmoon Level, you can achieve level 55 only by main quests (yellow) probably you will easily finish main quests with lvl 55 Hongmoon level 4-5, every hongmoon level you get 5 points for put to attack or defense, when you reaches some qty of points, you get bonuses of HP and Defense or Attack Power and Critical, the hongmoon level requires a very high qty of experience, but you can use some charms easily to obtain 10.000 EXP, 100.000 and other that you can get regularly that give you 1.000.000 EXP, only available from Hongmoon Level 1 (Level 55). The actually weapons are now legendary weapons, and you can get it with stage 1 by the main quest, you don't need to upgrade more times your old weapon, you can discard it, every stage requires breakthrought, you now need to upgrade your main weapon, and there is 2 ways, the cheaper, and the expensive way, at least upto stage 10, the cheaper requires special material that you can get easily throught main quests and daily dash, and other quests/ways. Now we have Pet Systems, that offers equipment bonuses and appareance... I thin you have 3 more continents to discover throught main quests, and like 15-20 more dungeons, including special raids of 12 players, and special map (midnight skypetal plains) that allows special incursions for raids of 30 characters or more. The most newest dungeons requires special mechanics to follow to finish them, for example Desolate Tomb requires that you follow some instructions with each boss for not wipe, but there is others like ebondrake citadel, Sogun's Lament or Sunderer Nexus that a year ago you needed to follow some mechanics, but with the actually stats of the players, you can do it easily without mechanics due the attack power and HP that characters have. Now, have legendary items (legendary weapons, legendary accesories, legendary soulshields, legendary pets and legendary gems) that means a character can reach easily 1000 - 1200 of Attack Power (so recommended for new dungeons to reach 1,2 k AP) and 100.000 - 150.000 HP. Now there are 2 Special Battle Grounds of 6 vs 6, like flag capture games, Beluga Lagoon, and Whirlwind Valley, I don't know if that was before but we have 2 types of arena matches between players, 3 vs 3, or 1 vs 1 arena. Now there are 2 new characters, Soul Fighter (so similar to a mix of Force Master and Kung Fu Master, but it has Ice style, and Kung Fu Style with Recovery HP & All party Resurrection skills) And the Gunner, it's a new class based on pistols and shots, cover very large distances, and for my opinion just now the are few overpowered, despite that NCSoft have nerfed them, they are still a few overpowered. Every character have now 2 special skills more that are assigned to B and G letters, and that requires a new special bar that is charged very slowly by a special stamina (probably 5-10 minutes to charge it), that bar is only for B & G attacks, but the attacks are very powerful and usually deals so much damage. That bar only appears when reaches lvl 55 and get Hongmoon level 1. Hope not forget nothing. Regards.