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  1. I'm still don't know why people think that it's ridiculous what I'm saying: GTAV http://www.news.com.au/technology/home-entertainment/gaming/target-pulls-gta5-from-shelves-after-a-sex-workers-campaign-to-shut-down-grand-theft-auto-v-due-to-its-sexual-violence/news-story/44babbe6184dded48e4c2c9dfdbb72e5 Rapelay http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/4611161/Rapelay-virtual-❤ ❤ ❤ ❤-game-banned-by-Amazon.html http://edition.cnn.com/2010/WORLD/asiapcf/03/30/japan.video.game.❤ ❤ ❤ ❤/index.html Custer's Revenge https://kotaku.com/5847507/❤ ❤ ❤ ❤-racism--repetition-this-is-probably-the-worst-game-ever-made If that are only games... why are states and cities banning them? "Oh, it's just a game, It's ridiculous what you are proposing" ..................... Again insist, This is serious, I'm not going to read or reply any post... only NCSoft explaining about what I expose or changing the way of the event... because any lawyer known that always is better come to an agreement than begin legal actions...
  2. Again another one that haven't understand my post or read it at full... I'm not saying that PK = Assasination or Murder, but Mix love, friendship and other related, with kill and PK is promoting violence, not the same, I'm not talking that it's the same, I'm talking is PROMOTING, you are getting my words further from context... You don't know how to justify that you are enjoying killing people... because you know it promotes violence... probably you are violent and you are venting here in the game... But again, this is my last reply, I'm answering you because you reply before mine, and because you are getting out words from the context I'm talking...
  3. The point is that I've read your post, but you haven't read mine, because if not, you won't be talking about... When you read it I will come back to answer you, but I'm not here for teaching you to read and also not for explain or reason your answer, that are previously explained in the introduction of my post... You can't tell me that I'm not checking my spelling and grammar errors, because you haven't read at least the most of my post... and if I'm a lawyer this is only a advise, I'm not working just now, a forum is not a place for communication, you need to use fax bureau to official communications, and when I will do it, my translation a correction team will correct if I made any mistake so, no-sense about it... but if you are saying that it's copyright, impeach me, I have searched and find article by article in the international laws, try to demostrate it's false... I don't know what google page have you searched for... but I only google when I don't have a legal text, and after I copied the article I used... My introduction is mine, only mine, you can't find any other, and my conclusion is mine too... I don't have to demostrate anything, I'm a spanish lawyer that work in a international area for a lawyer sign... Believe me or not, it's your problem... The game is the game, the problem I'm treating is not a game... It's so seriously... I'm not talking about a Pixel or not pixel, I'm sorry if you are offended about it, and specially if you have been abused, two relatives near me have been abused and that's the reason I'm specialized in this, because it hurts, the point is this thread is not a joke, I'm talking seriously and again I'm sorry if this offended you, but if this really offended you, what I'm defending it's real, and it's for preventing women violence... so many people confuse reality with game, and kill people with no sense, you can see an example in Spain where "Jose Rabadán" killed their parents and his sister with a katana believing he was a character of Final Fantasy... When it's violence for violence, ok, but mix love, sentimental pairs, friendship with violence is... I don't have words... I don't understand you, you must be agree with me instead of stay at that behaviour... I don't know why you are oppositing me, if you are a real victim... I don't understand you... This is not the behaviour of a victim that have been rehabilitated... The victims I know they are now fighting for their rights, not oppositing them... I don't need to give you any information about me... What type of lawyer do you think that am I giving my personal information throught internet? Do you know how many people research personal information throught internet? how many people is stalking just now throught anonimity under the net? We have so much work with internet protection laws... I can only give you my law firm that it's in my first signature... you can believe it or not... and who are you for knowing law process and how a lawyer works... Have you studying laws? If you become my client maybe I may show you my credentials, (no one before you have asked for it, only my company) but I work only with appointment, and It's not easy to get an appointment with me... Believe me or not it's your decision... Again, this is not for the ornament... or what else... It's for what means kill each other in San Valantine's event... I'm not going to discuss with you about this, my advice is not for you, it's for NCSoft, and I'm not going to reply any more, only to NCSoft you can expect/talk or whatever you want in this thread, but that's the point, my time is so valuable for spent it in explainations...
  4. Hello, I'm an international lawyer specialized against gender violence and family conflicts, I want to remember before begin my allegation that actually there are so several associations against the gender violence, specially about violence against women, and not only associations, all actual society is fighting against this, and this event is promoting all type of violence (verbal, physical, bullying, and specially gender violence and genocide). You can say that maybe this game is plenty of violence, but the point is the difference about Non Player Characters and Player Characters, and usually the "human bosses" are not killed only K.O. as you can see in asura, Dark Vicar, or many other human Non player characters, maybe Arena Match PvP or 6v6 Battlegrounds is ready for that, but the people who participates is knowing the point, is ready for die, but actually this is not PvP (Player versus Player) is PK (Personal Killing) or MPK (Massive Personal Killing) that is equal to genocide system inside the game, and we can remember very unhappily events in the past about this like "Nazi" era, and that was what the actual event is promoting and I don't want to mention that is supposed that is a "love" based event, ¿killing other players?, a "Love Maker" killing a "Heartbreaker", that is the way "to show how you have to love other people" maybe I must remind that this game is plenty of younger children, that can conclusing that kill your sentimental partner means "love", and a Special Point to highlight is that the people is killing each other with treachery and cruelty, that promotes more violence, because when players are near death they finish them killing instead of leave them. It's what I see and can conclude after play Blade and Soul event, this will promote a lot of ideas on how will new generations will treat their sentimental partners and probably if you don't change this a high part of the fault of they thinking that is yours, maybe you think that I'm exaggerated but the point is that when your work is fight against that, and you see events like that I'm enraging so much, and I'm considerating to begin legal actions against NCSoft for this event, that are making with full contempt against law, human rights, and women rights... An study of an Internacional Agency demonstrates that in 2014 like 62 millions of womens in European Union receives any type of sexual or physical violence during that year... really? Do you want to promote it? Now my allegation begin; This event begin promoting all type of violence but I will mention the laws that this event is violating promoting violence against women and gender violence: The violence against women is one type of discrimination that reflects the "Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women New York, 18 December 1979" in their art. 1, art. 5., supported by the actual "COMMITTEE ON THE ELIMINATION OF DISCRIMINATION AGAINST WOMEN". This commitee promotes by their General Recommendation Num. 12 that all the countries and states delivery informs about all type of laws and reports about violence, and mistreatment against women, the General Recommend. Num. 19 Paragraph 9, instigates all the states and countries members of this Convetion to suppress all type of violence or promoting violence against the women by privates companies and particulars, if they don't take care about that, they will get all responsability about that actions... Their will be punitives measures with criminal and civil sanctions and indemnizations for protect them for any type of violence, and inform about the measures take to prevention system of the violence against the women. "General Assambly of the United Nations Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women, 48/104, 20 December 1993" says: "Take measures to ensure that law enforcement officers and public officials responsible for implementing policies to prevent, investigate and punish violence against women receive training to sensitize them to the needs of women;" art. 4.i. "Adopt all appropriate measures, especially in the field of education, to modify the social and cultural patterns of conduct of men and women and to eliminate prejudices, customary practices and all other practices based on the idea of the inferiority or superiority of either of the sexes and on stereotyped roles for men and women" art. 4.j. "Promote research, collect data and compile statistics, especially concerning domestic violence, relating to the prevalence of different forms of violence against women and encourage research on the causes, nature, seriousness and consequences of violence against women and on the effectiveness of measures implemented to prevent and redress violence against women; those statistics and findings of the research will be made public" art. 4.k. "Statute International Criminal Court of Rome" declares that activities related to "Extermination; any other form of sexual violence of comparable gravity" are considerated crimes against humanity, and have several punishment about it. "Security Council resolution 1889 (2009) on Women and peace and security" Encourages Member States in consultation with civil society, including women’s organizations, to specify in detail women and girls’ needs and priorities and design concrete strategies, in accordance with their legal systems, to address those needs and priorities, which cover inter alia support for greater physical security and better socio-economic conditions, through education, income generating activities, accessto basic services, in particular health services, including sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights and mental health, gender responsive law enforcement and access to justice, as well as enhancing capacity to engage in public decision-making at all levels; Art.10. "American Convention on the Prevention, Punishment, and Eradication of Violence against Women" (Convention of Belém do Pará) says: "refrain from engaging in any act or practice of violence against women and to ensure that their authorities, officials, personnel, agents, and institutions act in conformity with this obligation; apply due diligence to prevent, investigate and impose penalties for violence against women; include in their domestic legislation penal, civil, administrative and any other type of provisions that may be needed to prevent, punish and eradicate violence against women and to adopt appropriate administrative measures where necessary;" Chapter 3, Article 7, Paragrahps a, b and c. "Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence" says: "Parties shall take the necessary legislative and other measures to exercise due diligence to prevent, investigate, punish and provide reparation for acts of violence covered by the scope of this Convention that are perpetrated by non-State actors." Art. 5.2. I have concluded that it is not necessary to specify the laws, rules, conventions and pacts that regulate and configure the promotion of genocide because it is evident that as a consequence of genocidal acts the most important organisms of the world in matters of legal regulation and human rights were born, like the UN and NATO Organizations and If I have to write and specify all the laws, conventions and rules that regulate this, probably I will need like 1 day writing and fill at full the forum, and that is not the point or the main idea of this post. Based in all this suppositions we can conclude that due this "San Valentine's event" is promoting violence against sentimental partners and women, due the practice of fighting and murder other Players for the celebration of the international day of Love and Friendship also known as San Valentin, NCSoft is promoting gender violence that is closely linked to violence against the women, with full the contempt against law, human rights, and women rights that are observed in all the convetions, declarations, resolutions and other laws and regulations specified in the paragraphs before this. I advise and highly encourage NCSoft to solve this issue as early as possible, changing the actual PK system of the event for one that don't promote violence in order to prevent the promotion of gender and women violence, and genocide or this may result in consequence of legal actions. Hoping a early solution. APM Broseta
  5. [Suggestion] Moonstone system balance

    No, you suggestion to remove moonstones from Battlegrounds, you are suggestion to practically remove all ways to farm moonstones... I don't suggestion that, I'm suggesting to promote more ways to farm them... The explaination is there: The difference between you and me, is that I don't want to remove them from Battleground, I suggest to make another way to farm them in PvE. You can obtain similar results making a PvE way to obtain them, because they will prefer a secure PvE way to farm them, than a improbably win or lose way to get them... Did you understand? Your suggestion will bring so many market problems and unfair moonstone system for PvP Players that want to farm them... My suggestion balance the moonstones system to PvP and PvE players, and probably reduce or remove the downranking issue.
  6. [Suggestion] Moonstone system balance

    I'm agree mostly with you, but you are against yourself, We need MORE ways to get moonstones, not LESS ways to get moonstones. Look at your point... If they delete moonstones from battleground, we couldn't get moonstones, if no one could get moonstones, moonstones price will rise up, and up, and up... probably a moonstone can reach 50g or 100g in few weeks, in a month you can probably see them by 300g or more, I'm not going to talk about manufactured items with them (TS, PTS, Empyrean Stones, Kirin Atler, Soulshields, etc... etc...) that will wreck the market... The only way I think your way could be good, if they delete moonstones for battlegrounds and add another ways to get easily them... like Celestial Basin... but this will be a few unfair for PvP Players... Because PvE players could get it easily, and PvP players get force to farm them throught PvE... So I think, they need to keep their promise, add moonstones to celestial basin merchant will be great, you don't need to remove moonstones for battleground, when they will balance the time spending in Celestial Basin for get 1 moonstone with the time in Battlegrounds to get 1 moonstone, PvP players that loves PvP will stay in Battleground otherwise they will come to Celestial Basin, and Battleground probably remains be toxic, and people will leave this strange behaviour of have 100 characters for farm mats. Thanks.
  7. [Suggestion] Moonstone system balance

    Maybe now it's not so easy, I'm getting all days I play 2 keys at day doing only daily rewards just now, and I'm not doing all days the dailies rewards... But I have stacked like 400 keys, because sometime ago that was a key festival, I was only doing 2-3 days of the week dailies, and I've stucked 400 keys... maybe people that was doing all dailies or farming probably get 1000 keys easily, or much more... I'm tired of answer the same, again and again, and again, I've showed that it's not 15 golds, are much more golds based on actual market, watch my answers and replies you will find that I answer it to other players in this thread. Althought that is not the point of this suggestion, what i want to do with the moonstones is not the point, the point is that I want to farm moonstones and it's impossible throught PvE, if I use them for crafting, sell, or gifts is not the point... The point is that the system must be balanced PvP - PvE and actually is unfair, because PvE is over-privilege. I'm talking about my experience in BG, based on 10 BG runs, only for show that actually for some users it's impossible to win a BG, I'm not suggestion a change in BG System, must be it needs some arranges too, but if the only way to get moonstones it's impossible for a very high percentage of players... maybe something is wrong... Actually low gear players are not playing BG, because it's impossible to win, so you can't say that there is a chance to get paired with low geared players for that reason, they aren't playing BG because all of us known the chances, they've learned them throught try and fail system, maybe someone very newbie can try to do BG, but after 10 times brutal lost, he will get tired and leave it... But, as i said, this thread isn't for argue about Battleground systems, the only point or reason I explained it, and I think I'm repeating again, it's for show that only way to get moonstones it's impossible for a very high percentage of players, I don't wanna discuss about Battleground system, but it's important to this thread to demonstrate that we can't get moonstones throught that system. About that, they always will try to trick it or cheat it... because what happens with a warrior that have Seraphs - Stage 1 weapon, but have Raven soulshields, and ignites accesories... or inverse way, they have aransu weapon stage 9 and eternity accesories stage 1 and MSP Soulshields... Or it could be worse... what about to get a Stalker weapon and Stalker soulshield, and no jewelry, and when they are inside the battleground they changes all their equipment to aransu... the combinations could be like one million or more and you can cheat the system... It's out, but I think this thread is again not to talk about 6v6, you are agree, because you want to play 6v6 system... but what about those that doesn't want to play PvP systems? The point is that 6v6 is always PvP, I have played so many games MMORPGs, I have been working as Community Manager and Administrator of one, and the point is that you can find four types of communities and role gaming usually in a MMORPG... PvE Community, PvP Community, Mixed Community and Social/Designing Community... 1. PvE Community ignore PvP Contents and only plays PvE, usually they ignore PvP contents... 2. PvP Community usually only plays PvP but they enjoys history mode too, so they plays most of the time PvP, but they aren't full disconnected from PvE contents... 3.Mixed Community, they want to play the full game, but they aren't specialized in some area, so they need too much time to get evolved in a particular content and needs double efforts to arrive same level in PvE or PvP that other players... They usually try to find the easy way to arrive to a point, they don't care if the way includes PvP or PvE contents, the only point is to improve their gears, if a content is too difficult they usually ignore them, with a exception, if that content will provide very good rewards, they will improve and put efforts for that content, working in that way to get it, but efforts must be equal to the rewards... 4. Social/Designing Community, this community is playing specially for apparience, that means costumes, wings, accesories, colour, size and details of the character, pets, ect... they can be part of PvE or PvP Community if it's necessary, specially for get some special or wanted items (generally costumes or pets) they could be great at PvP or PvE contents and get full geared, and like the PvP/PvE contents, but usually so many of them doesn't think that get full geared or try all contents it's important, It's more important to chat, talk, and get/try nice costumes/pets/others... If you see PvP Community is opposite to PvE Community, and force the two communities to play contents against what they likes, usually tiring these communities, so have different balanced ways to evolve to each community without the need of play contents that you don't want to play, improve so much the game... An example: If tomorrow, NCSoft decides to delete all PvP content, it wouldn't affect the PvE content... same to the inverse path... the way for PvE to achieve this, is that... the way for PvP to achieve this, is that... a perfect balanced ways for the two communities will reach when no one will need to think that maybe with PvP content will reach better/soon their goals than with PvE content and inverse... About that, I'm agree, BG are toxic, but it's the same, as they say, they are not in BG for PvP, they are there for farm moonstones, remove moonstones from 6v6 or add moonstones to PvE, if they have a way to get moonstones from PvE, they probably will leave this toxic behaviour and try to farm the PvE way. The point is, that if you remove moonstones of 6v6, there will no other official way to farm moonstones, the game will become fair for PvE - PvP Communities, but there is a problem, you can get with lucky from dailies 5 moonstones every 2 or 3 days... that means you will wreck the market... so much people want to buy an item, and there is no way to get enough for all... that is the offer and demand law... Moonstones are strongly linked to so much essencial materials for update weapons and accesories... TS, PTS, Empyrean Stones. So they are needed daily... if you remove from BG, upgrade weapons will be impossible, I'm trying to upgrade weapons with my own farms, and it's impossible sometimes I have to go to market and buy, if not i would probably be stacked on Baleful 10... Thanks for all your answers.
  8. [Suggestion] Moonstone system balance

    That's the point, ALWAYS have been PvP Content, the problem of battlegrounds (whirlwind or beluga) isn't that community isn't interested on them, that's because a very high percentage of community, like me, dislike PvP, I prefer PvE, 10 times more than PvP, and improve rewards doesn't solve the problem, maybe some players will change to PvP Systems for avarice, in despite they didn't like PvP, but mostly of us, didn't like PvP, that's the point, I know that there is a percentage probably 20-35% that loves PvP and that are so much players, but still a ... 65-80% that doesn't like PvP I'm not good enough for PvP, for so many reasons, first of all lag, so much players come from places that there isn't available optical fiber, they have lag, and so many times get stuck, again they don't have equal opportunities, other point is that follow a dificult mechanics ways like new poharan dungeon is more comfortable to me than do PvP, because i can learn times, skills, organization, but PvP is improvise all the time, you don't know what other player is going to do, and other point is the unbalanced system depending of the class, for example an assasin or KFM is powerful in PvP but not so much in PvE, while Force Master or guns sucks in PvP, but is so good for PvE. So, for get moonstone you are going to force players that dislike PvP to do PvP content... I know, I was in that revamped, (I'm not a newbie, it was only a supposition) the point is that mostly of people there have same AP easily (700~800) I have it too, and same HP, always less than 100k, the point was that in that moment, anyone can easily do whirlwind and have a possibility of win the battleground... The problem is that now is impossible, as you said, it's for whales, when i tried to do battleground the last 10 times... 6 of the 10 times I tried, an assasin one-hit killed me having 160k HP, 8 of the 10 times, 3 players of my team against one player of the other team, and the other player kill us (3 players) in less than 30 seconds... while others was capturing flag... the most sad is that I only achieve a kill in the 10 times battleground, and never win one of the 10 battlegrounds... And all of my team was bronze, with 1k - 1,2k AP, and at least 130k HP... What is expecting to new players that are reaching only 800-900 AP points and less than 100k HP? The point of that is linked to my before answer... Who wants to play a content of a game for always lose? In the revamped, newbies sometimes win, sometimes lose, but now, newbies only can lose... Oh no, you have to play battlegrounds and lose it always, it's for the good of the marketplace server economy and for get moonstones cheaper in the marketplace... Hope you understand how ridiculous it can sound... You need to understand that PvE Players need a way to get moonstones too, without need of do PvP Content... Your answer is below: The point is before MS Crystals update, Naksun always dropped moonstones, that was a way to get moonstones for PvE Players, now, we couldn't get any MS, only MS Crystals... I'm not agree, I'm trying to craft Transformation stones for upgrade my equipment (hongmoon soul) and my weapon, instead of buy it... Again mistake, you need arround 30 Transformation Stones to reach stage 9, that means arround 350g in market, newbie people doesn't have 350g for spent... The only way is to farm mats from their selves... about crafting, if you farms mats, the crafting is free, but if you can't farm them, you must pay, but you must read my message where I explained that you save arround 50g in a stack of 35 Transformation stones getting mats from market and crafting... is here: ........ The point is that PvP players can get easily sparkling whirlwind keys, they don't need too much to do the dungeons that's drop them because are easily dungeons, not hard mode dungeons, or difficult dungeons for example like event poharan dungeon that is difficult to finish... and you probably can find partys that probably carry you, but the point is that you can get the sparkling whirlwind keys with 900+ AP, while this is not same face of the money... because PvE players can't get easily Battleground Boxes... maybe if the only way to get Sparkling whirlwind keys will be dropped throught doing new poharan dungeon event, that you need arround 30 ~ 45 minutes to finish it, maybe it will be balanced, that it's supposed that Battleground players needs to do difficult PvE dungeons to get moonstones... like PvE players need to do impossibles battleground to get moonstones... I think it's probably to be more balanced and equally, but the differente between words difficult and impossible... maybe still we will have a little difference, specially when battlegrounds requires weapon, gear and soulshields, and you can go poharan event dungeon going nude... XD I have been today in SSP, but in the EU Server, there are so much people doing SSP during week, I haven't spent so much time in SSP, but if I remember, is on weekend prime time when you can farm them throught 3 boxes, so if there are so much people doing SSP during week, there will be more people during weekend: "Locked Strike Wraith's Loot" (1 moonstone + %moonstones) The blue and reb battle chests as you said... (5 Moonstones + %moonstones) And a Special Box that is dropped by one of the special bosses but you need to make so much dmg to get it... ( 3-5 moonstones + % moonstone) All of them usually need Soulstone Plains Keys dropped by 2 mobs: Konta Boss, (I'm Crimson, didn't know the name of the boss for cerulean order) and by horned mob that appears when mining fase is finishing... I don't remember the name, but is a horned mob like a bull, and is linked to the Faction Daily Quest "In too Deep". The point is, that in faction you can farm MS during weekend, how can you farm MS in PvE? Again, I'm not talking about MS Crystal, I'm talking about MS, how many times are you going to make me repeat it?... Please... Read the other replies before reply a topic... Here is your answer: And again your answer: MOONSTONES ≠ MOONSTONE CRYSTALS Thanks for your opinion to all, but the only thing I'm reading is that some of you are whales that want to proctect their profits and investsments, no one is looking at the neighbours, or the newbies that come. I'm not the best player with 1,3k AP full geared, but I always maintain in high rates like now 1,1 - 1,2k AP... I don't need the changes, I can stay in my way with medium rate... But I'm watching new people and friends that are beggining and they couldn't achieve by their selves 1,1k AP, I'm helping my friends to reach a good AP and gears, and soulshields for doing all dungeons or whatever they want, but who's going to help the newbies that doesn't have friends in game? Hope to see more objective comments and suggestions about this balance...
  9. [Suggestion] Moonstone system balance

    So your point is, farm moonstones is only allowed to veterans PvP Players, they have the monopoly... any other player that want moonstones has to buy them, yes or yes... if they decide together to set moonstones at 500 golds, due they are the unique monopoly, the other players has only three ways, pay it to them, play without moonstones or leave the game furious? Nice Dictatorship. Thanks goodness that this balance decisions do not depend only of you, hope more people will understand my point of view. The point of that, is that the game is always growing up, what this means...? I will show you an example. Imagine that I have been in the game only few days, now I'm reaching 900 AP points... Ok, just now in Battlegrounds/Faction the people is 1.100 AP ~ 1.300 AP Points... Ok I will do my best efforts during few months to farm gold, buy mats, upgrading and crafting materials, and making my best efforts...three or four months later, I'm near reaching 1.100 AP Points, and good gear for battlegrounds and faction, just left 1 week to reach the point, Ok, there is an update... There are new Gear, and new weapons, and new gems, and the old gear is easily to get, because now have a very good discount, your efforts has gone by the toilet... The best geared have been profiting thanks to me and other no full geared players, so they take out their savings, and get the new full gear, in less than 1 week, the new Battlegrounds/Faction requires 1.400 ~ 1.800 AP Points to survive, they have again the monopoly of certain mats, I need to do again my best efforts to get full geared, I need an absurdity qty of mats and new elements, and a very very higher qty of gold... again, the full geared begin to save profiting of non full geared players... I could stay talking this story infinite times... but I'm sure that you know what I'm telling you... the problem is that in a point of the story the non full geared players get tired of never change their condition and quit of the game, a balance in some mats it's the way to prevent that, and will be a great point to preserve the players, make the server bigger, and let new players join, if they get trapped, stuck, or they advance very slowly, they will be quitting soon, and giving bad reputation to the game, for prevent that we need to give equal opportunities, if not the veterans slowly will be getting tired of the game, maybe in 4 or 5 years, have families problems, works, health problems... I don't know reasons... They will be leaving game slowly... but What happen? We don't have new players, and there isn't enough players for server maintenance... :O I don't have to explain what follows... I hope you will understand how many problems can carry to make different social classes between full geared veterans and non-geared newbies, and not to give them the opportunities to be at same level. Anyway thanks for your comment.
  10. [Suggestion] Moonstone system balance

    Ok, leave the moonstone crystals and the moonstones, but change all the moonstones as crafting/upgrading/transmuting material for Moonstone Crystals, and moonstones will only available for sell them in the Market and for processing them into Crystal Moonstones... And as I said, there are too much uses for moonstones in crafting/transmuting system... This is so similar to the 3rd solution/way/system I write in the first post, the only difference is that you leave the moonstones, but the only one neededs are MS Crystals, but instead i have to said you that this still is unbalanced, PvP Players get moonstones for hard work, they can sell and trade it, but PvE players get MS Crystals for hard work, they can't sell and trade them... I think you are wrong, I have just checked all, and if you bought all materials, for a stack of 35 transf. stones, you will spend 372 gold and 6 silver, arround 10 gold 63 silvers for each stone, and price in the market just now is 11 gold 96 silver (like 12 golds) if you craft them, you will save arround 50 gold in each stack arround 15% of the total gold... but we aren't here for checking that... The point is that people who only farm PvE Dungeons aren't rewarded enough for doing it, they didn't get enough materials for farm and craft their own material for enjoy the game, I'm buying so much items throught market because I have no other choice, but if I could farm them, I will be enjoying so much more farming and crafting them, than buying it, maybe I save gold and time buying it, instead of farming it, maybe, but i think that this is the spirit of the game, and other point is that, when I craft something I didn't spent money if I've farmed the materials, maybe I don't have so much money, when you are newbie you don't have enough money for materials, get gold with 800 AP is difficult, you only get it throught dailies, the other point if I have to wait to sell all the materials, get the money, buy it, and the possibility that in that process prices changes, create so much insecurity, other point is that you need to create right stacks of items... for example... I can't sell 20 soulstones... that is hilarious, soulstones are stacked on bundles of 50/100 in market place, but I only need 20 for craft the item I need and I only have 30 soulstones, so I can't sell it in market, if I sell 30 soulstones maybe they will be in market place for sooooo long time for get the money that item costs... understand my point? Farming and Crafting is more quick, cheaper and safer than sell all materials, and buy the item crafted. PvE people (and we are a very big percentage of the server) are getting bored to not get enough material through PvE System, but they are making massive characters, leveling them throught main quests to HM5-6 (this isn't my point), saturating the server with characters, only for get more daily rewards materials, Why? Easily, they don't have enough rewards with a daily quest that you can finish in 20 minutes, while PvP players are getting 30 more times rewards playing 200 minutes of faction/battleground... How can they solve it? Easily, they create another account, and reaching a total of 10 character, they finish all characters daily quests in 200 minutes, and they gets same rewards that probably a faction/battleground player. It benefits and incentives the multi-account and the overcreating characters and of course, create a very big wrecking economy, because you have the veterans with a lot of accounts that have incredible profits from PvE, the veterans in PvP systems with a overpowered gear, and the newbies, that seems never will reach the same level than the others... So newbies arrive at a point that they have 3 ways to follow: 1. Changes all to a PvP Character to get enough materials 2. Create a lots of characters with multiaccounts to get enough materials or 3. Spent money in NCoins to buy gold and get enough materials (better known as p2w). With the MS Crystals through for example Celestial Basin, makes another way to farm items, a full PvE system without need of making 20 characters for reach the mats you need. I think Celestial basin is the best map/dungeon that NCSoft have made in years, because is a solution for PvE Players, but we first need to change what I said at the beggining of this post... Change MS for MS Crystal in all crafting/transmuting/upgrading areas, and why not? change all tradeable items for crafting/transmuting/upgrading areas for only non tradeables maintaining the tradeables... that will make the game more playable and not only marketing system, if someone wants to achieve a very high level quick, he will go to the market and buy all that he needs with tradeable items, but people than works hard will have his rewards too with non-tradeable items... Sorry for the extension of my post...
  11. The reason to begin this topic is for an economy balance suggestion to Moonstone. The point is that, this item (Moonstone) it's too hard to get, you can get "Moonstone Crystals", but there isn't the same item... the point is the only 2 ways to get Moonstones farming is close-linked to PvP system, there are only 3 ways to get moonstones daily farming and they are that: 1. Battleground System. (Obtaining Sparkling Battleground Loot Boxes) 2. Faction System. (Getting the Whirlwind Key for the Sparkling Battleground Loot Boxes, or Killing Main Bosses in Soulstone Plains) 3. Daily Challenge Treasure Box. (Not a farming system, only 1 daily) (My experience with this, is that you can do all the dailies during 1 week, and not you don't get the 5 Moonstones-Bundle) The two first systems are linked to PvP (you can call it Group vs Group system, but it's PvP), the point is that a new player that achieve 800-900 AP points throught PvE, when arrive to any of this system he/she has granted lose the match or die trying to kill bosses or collecting prestige points, because veteran players are over 1,2 K AP, more than 150k de HP, and Special PvP Weapons, Jewelry and Soulshields... The chance to get a win versus them, is less than 1%. The last one system, has a very low chance to get any moonstone... It's not a farming system, because you can reach only 1 daily and when you get the moonstone bundle, it only contains 5 moonstones, probably you can reach 15 moonstones in a month with this system, while PvP Systems (Faction and Battlegrounds) you can easily get 10-15 moonstones daily, you can reach 50 moonstones daily if you really play it hard all day and you are a veteran over 1,2k AP, and 150k HP. So, what is happening to PvE Players...? Those that we don't want to play PvP System... (Battlegrounds and Factions) The only way for us to get Moonstones is to buy them throught marketplace, because there is no other way to get it for us, including Daily Dash, it doesn't include any moonstones, only moonstone crystals.... and the prices in the marketplace are very higher for an item that is needed for so much items, for example crafting silverfrost transformation stones need moonstones, transformation stones are needed to upgrade Baleful/Seraph to Stage 12, hongmoon soul, sacred oil, transformation stones are needed to get Premium Transformation Stones that need more moonstones with a high chance of fail in transformation, and you need Prem Trans. stones for get Raven, so summary = A high quantity of moonstones are needed for so much items. I'm not gonna going off topic the thread with the need of moonstones, the point is that moonstones are unbalanced for PvE Players, and I recommend to choose one of this four ways/systems to balance them: 1. Include more of them in the dailies rewards and dungeons boxes drop. 2. Make a unprocessing system of crystals, for example, you can process a moonstone to a moonstone crystal free, but you can unprocess the moonstone crystal to moonstone paying a fee, for example 5 naryu silvers/coins, or 1 gold, or 1 naryu tablet, or 500 celestial peaches, or any item easily to get, but that you don't want to waste easily. 3. Deleting moonstones or moonstone crystals, only 1 item, or moonstone, or moonstone crystals, but not to have 2 items, and transform all the moonstones in moonstone crystals, or transform all the moonstone crystal into moonstones, that means, that you can get at least 1 to 5 moonstones/moonstones crystals with daily PVE like Daily Battleground or Daily Faction... 4. Include moonstone in the Celestial Peach Exchanger for a reasonable quantity of Celestial Basin Peaches... (1000 ~ 2000) or inside the Treasure Pouch of Celestial Basin with a 20 ~ 30% of drop. That's the point of the suggestions. Constructive Comments are welcome. Thanks in advance.
  12. Puffff, There are so much changes, you will understand it if I tell you, that a character can do poharan alone in the minimum time... Ok, first of all, Max Level is 55, after that you become another special level that is known as Hongmoon Level, you can achieve level 55 only by main quests (yellow) probably you will easily finish main quests with lvl 55 Hongmoon level 4-5, every hongmoon level you get 5 points for put to attack or defense, when you reaches some qty of points, you get bonuses of HP and Defense or Attack Power and Critical, the hongmoon level requires a very high qty of experience, but you can use some charms easily to obtain 10.000 EXP, 100.000 and other that you can get regularly that give you 1.000.000 EXP, only available from Hongmoon Level 1 (Level 55). The actually weapons are now legendary weapons, and you can get it with stage 1 by the main quest, you don't need to upgrade more times your old weapon, you can discard it, every stage requires breakthrought, you now need to upgrade your main weapon, and there is 2 ways, the cheaper, and the expensive way, at least upto stage 10, the cheaper requires special material that you can get easily throught main quests and daily dash, and other quests/ways. Now we have Pet Systems, that offers equipment bonuses and appareance... I thin you have 3 more continents to discover throught main quests, and like 15-20 more dungeons, including special raids of 12 players, and special map (midnight skypetal plains) that allows special incursions for raids of 30 characters or more. The most newest dungeons requires special mechanics to follow to finish them, for example Desolate Tomb requires that you follow some instructions with each boss for not wipe, but there is others like ebondrake citadel, Sogun's Lament or Sunderer Nexus that a year ago you needed to follow some mechanics, but with the actually stats of the players, you can do it easily without mechanics due the attack power and HP that characters have. Now, have legendary items (legendary weapons, legendary accesories, legendary soulshields, legendary pets and legendary gems) that means a character can reach easily 1000 - 1200 of Attack Power (so recommended for new dungeons to reach 1,2 k AP) and 100.000 - 150.000 HP. Now there are 2 Special Battle Grounds of 6 vs 6, like flag capture games, Beluga Lagoon, and Whirlwind Valley, I don't know if that was before but we have 2 types of arena matches between players, 3 vs 3, or 1 vs 1 arena. Now there are 2 new characters, Soul Fighter (so similar to a mix of Force Master and Kung Fu Master, but it has Ice style, and Kung Fu Style with Recovery HP & All party Resurrection skills) And the Gunner, it's a new class based on pistols and shots, cover very large distances, and for my opinion just now the are few overpowered, despite that NCSoft have nerfed them, they are still a few overpowered. Every character have now 2 special skills more that are assigned to B and G letters, and that requires a new special bar that is charged very slowly by a special stamina (probably 5-10 minutes to charge it), that bar is only for B & G attacks, but the attacks are very powerful and usually deals so much damage. That bar only appears when reaches lvl 55 and get Hongmoon level 1. Hope not forget nothing. Regards.