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  1. Gamepad camera functioning strangely

    Thank you very much. It was driving me crazy.
  2. Gamepad camera functioning strangely

    Im having this exact same issue.
  3. Why grappling?

    I came back after a good while pause of playing. And I hadnt touched my Kung Fu Master character for a good while since, as I was playing the Blade Master, I recently just went back to my Kung Fu Master, and not only is my grapple, which was the most satisfying feeling thing to use an finish off things with gone, but it all around just felt slower to fight with now. After finding this out, I just rage quit. I dont plan on playing my KFM anymore. Sucked the enjoyment out of playing the class. And I did used to pvp a bit too prior to this. But the flavor of the class just feels more shallow now to me. I really hate this change, whenever it occured. KFM to me felt like any other rpg fighter class. But with a high skill cap. It was generic in its own right. But it took alot of skill to do alot with the class, and with that skill it actually felt like you can overcome anything with the options you had. And some of those options were pretty satisfying feeling. the grapple options were one of those.