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  1. Character names with numbers? how is possible D:
  2. [NEWS] Blade & Soul: Celestial Dawn Upgrade Events

    "significantly lower costs" not really.
  3. [NEWS] Gift with Purchase Now Live

    well i didn't see a 1ncoin item price in store...
  4. <Quondam> Recruiting for VT1

    Hi, im WL hm13 and im looking for VT pt. Mi nick is "FkingKid" can check my gear and tell me if i can join? Im hispanic but i understand eng.
  5. WL looking for VT/SK

    Hello! Im WL hm13 (1120ap) and looking for a VT/SK static party (English os Hispanic) , i never done before so i totally open to a static training party too. I really learn so fast mech, my big problem is the lenguange, my english is BAD but i can hear in disc and undestand. Thats all, if u want post your disc (i cant rememeber mine atm) and i'll add later. Thnx and i hope finally found a good ppl!!