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  1. Black Friday sale on NC Coin will be much appreciated. Give me 50-60% OFF PLEASE!
  2. i look at all the class level 55 Skill and i can tell you... Summoner FTW like always. cat knock down, stun, knockdown, stun, mist that render all range useless, heals, invisible, so many escape skills and when some of your escape skill is in cooldown your other escape skill is already done cooling down, infinite focus so you can spam Bee like no tomorrow. Just wait until they can spam the lvl55 Bee skill with the infinite focus trigger. You need a full focus to use that skill, but wait and see until you trigger infinite focus and see how mush damage that thing can do. I wonder how OP that wi
  3. when i see people looking for people to join their party they want 900+ Attack power and some even want 1K. i dont even have 900 Attack Power and trying to fill a 12 player party takes longer if the population on the server is to low since not everyone want to dungeon and stuff or do that specific dungeon, so trying to find people who wants to do the dungeon takes too long. Have players who joined and just look at peoples Attack Power and then quit the party because our attack power is to low. They should make it so raid can be on Cross-Server.
  4. They cant even make costume Account bound even as a Premium user who can store costume in the "wardrobe".
  5. without Bots farming to drive inflation down. Player greed will run the game, max price means nothing. its all Over Price or no sell at all whether if its Auction house or Currency Exchange.
  6. I see no need for the orb in the first place anyway. Need it to trigger the boss? no one have it? game over to begin with.
  7. yes, its pretty low. I only came back to play this game in the mean time while waiting for Bless online to come out next year. This game is more of a dungeon instances game then an Open world games and dungeon is all you do at end game if you want EXP especially the Hongmoon EXP charm drop in dungeon besides the yellow quest, the only quest you can depend on to give you leveled when you reach Hongmoon. Also, if i remember correctly, some of the Yellow story quest required you to run dungeons, so i can see how low level will struggled. Even i struggle at the Orange quest line to go fight arasnu
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