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  1. OK. this is what i did . first go to advanced setting there choose everything to number 2 then go to click low end pc. u will see the cycle and dps.
  2. 150k should be lowerst dps requirement , first of all that if the whole group have same dps just like you , then will be like at least 2round of whole mech, the time ger longer, the range tank are easier to make mistake and if there has any mistake in your group with block the orb, so the group will just easily get wipe , my opinion its , just lvlupyou btacc to stage 10 at least and pet to stage 10, soul to awaken at least . if u can , go to buy mystic badge from sk. will make things easier , cuz FM are import at hive queen .
  3. like the other post said . u must put the sky stone first after 2nd pizza till 4th pizza , when he suck u , u have 1sec to move . in that case press q and go to sky to avoid the knockback . then prees r to make in ground and press 2 or what stune or kd ur team needed.
  4. Gunner can by skystone . first of all the boss will take a all people near him and u have aroud 1sec , so u can prees q to avoid the knockback but u must put the skystone before u do this mech .
  5. well yes our tank is a gunner also and he does said its easy to be a tank . but we think fm are more easier to be a tank
  6. well right now we are talking about something else . the gunner has too much dps brust so you must wait al least they start 3sec or 5sec after , cuz u donlt have a good tank as ur friend u will be so sad that some mele class can not take aggro back ... so u have to tank it ,..
  7. yes the fire gunner i am talking about , so i understand the fire gunner doesn't have threat skill .. so why people said we could be a tank also ?...
  8. Well the support was nice and helped to refund back to stage 6 , now i m waiting for new path which is tomorrow. thanks a lot for give me the advice .
  9. hello guys sorry for my bad English , I play gunner for a while and I have a question about his RMB skill , I read on skill tree that said chance to trigger triple treat , so I wonder if in that shot really has triple treat or its just write like this . like a skill name . pls if anybody know it and can tell me the answer
  10. well i already send and be honest I did one time already after I did a stupid decision . well if doesn't reduce so many item like cut 3 out of 9 PTS I am ok .. if more and more reduce then I will try to refund it .
  11. i m so sad that yesterday night I upgrade my raven from stage 6to stage 9 .and then I see this post ... why ??? I could just wait another 6days and my gear is already good enough .
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