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  1. Under [Featured Tab] there is a {Treasured Memory Chest} {Jyansei's Jackpot} {Memory Bell}.... I tried looking for the free character slot but it was not there. Also I have 3 slots now as I got my 400 NCoins this morning.
  2. I pressed f10 went to store and saw that there were a couple free items there, so I purchased a couple got them immediately. I went back 3 days later and now I can't purchase the other free item I did not get and it always says "I have exceeded my purchase limit no matter how long I wait?" I bought Ncoin to get a character slot and have to wait 12 hours? Now I am concerned that if I get my Ncoin that I will not be able to purchase my Character Slot. Will I still be able to purchase this when I am approved to get my NCoin?
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