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  1. make friends. if you're lucky u might find me in cross i usually just post how many aransu players in my party and carry the rest. You still have to have some gear tho... farm peaches for a mystic badge at least. You can also LFP where no one asks for AP requirements. if you dont want to lfp because you think it's trap. can you blame other people for not wanting to party you if your gear is low? etiquette goes both ways. it is not other people's responsibility to carry you. Some don't mind some do. personally i've seen shady stuff with low gear players. i.e. they go into cs bids
  2. p.s. not really for new players... but if you want to know what to run for the event for oils where's a breakdown that i need a few weeks ago
  3. make 1 main and a few alts to run events. keep your alts decently geared so you don't waste time getting kicked. Use event tokens on oils/gems and mail back to your main. as of right now if your alt isn't at least r3+ you'll end up wasting more time on it than actually having it be helpful. decent alt r3+ both badges pet soul BT acc (raven with out ele damage is weaker than baleful/seraph with bt acc) they are all easily obtainable. i understand people complain that you don't really need those gear to clear most of the dungeons but lets be real... if u have to kill a cow
  4. that's the thing. those active players are online 5-6 hours a day but we cant fit all their alts in clan. for instance i have 10 chars lowest being raven 3. our clan limits to 1 main and 1 alt therefore they have to find other clans or remain clanless on their alts. When they are on their alts that aren't in clan they miss out on the clan chats as for clan storage i see what you're saying i'm more in favor of having clan depot being more useful i.e. crafting of raid revival charms since most decent clans have their own clan raids. centralized storage for account alts is what i'm really
  5. also... my clan vault has like 684g in there for years now. how to steal? ohh and let clans craft raid revival charms or something man!!!
  6. I'm not too sure if NCsoft listens to their players suggestions or not but i'm going to try and post this here to see what the community thinks. Hopefully if a large number of us agree NCsoft might consider adding these QoL enhancements to their game. Clan problems: With the addition of the warden we now have 11 classes. For players that greatly enjoy the game they will likely have all classes. Clan slots are limited to 80 slots. So that means if u have 7 active players with 11 classes your clan is already full. now i understand most people do not have 11 chars but that was just to make
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