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  1. CLass Chang

    like i can only play one class txs to i only wanne play the char i have the outf's on
  2. CLass Chang

    like my blad dancer is 2yers old i have play alot to gear it opp and i don't wanne loose all my iteams to get a new class outfs/wapen skins, and gear.. i get the point ppl don't maybe know ahve to play difrent class but thay can learn it preity fast to be onest bns don't ahve alot off skills and it's not ahrd to learn new skills i think. and the problem is bns is geting more and more class.. like if warrier wode be out whan bd whas i woode pick warrier it look's more fun to play. the probme is i don't wanne send all my 45+hoongom soter outf and i can't send wapen skins.. and all the moth i spend gearing opp for noting.. it only feel like a wasit for me to not get to chang class. i hate making new chars :/ and it's sad i need to wait for a new class to get out 1yers-2yers and start form 0 whan i ahve all on a difrent char i woode love to chang to the class so i can main him/she :P so for me it feel like it woode be nice and not to hard to learn now stuff you have hongmoon traning grond to learn stuff on any way :P
  3. CLass Chang

    wat do ppl think abut beaing abule to chang class? like i woode love if we can get like all the elemnt acc and wapen skins chang to the class we cang to and stuff like the <3
  4. bracelet wind for bd

    wat bracelet am i supost to have for wind bd?
  5. Outfitfs

    for me it feel stupde at the game don't have sher wardopbe (f3) like i only bay outfitfs on one char it have like 43 outfitfs i only play on the one char txs to all the hoongmmon store outfits i have on it i don't wanne bay stapt to tranfer the outftf's agen and agen >.> way can't bns have sher wardopbe all my char can have the same outftfs and mybe block the outftfs you need a quest to get?
  6. Female lyn pony tail Hairstyle

    like my bigest problem whit the heir we get it's to up and to long :( i only want tomsint look more nurtal and not poinitng opp words :/ i try to see if somin whs on f3 but noting i like evry ting is to up.. and i rly dislike it :/ and i am think abut on feamale lyn's :) and i do like alice but the problem is to get the outfit/haire >.>
  7. Female lyn pony tail Hairstyle

    my problem is male gat pony tails but not female :/
  8. Female lyn pony tail Hairstyle

    we wil get new tail and ears dragon/nine tail. on march 21 in 2 days. i am only disepontet in the new hair we get :/ i want a pony tail on femaile lyn's XD i don't like the dragon tail and ears. but i rly like the nine tail's
  9. on the nexst uppdate ''March 21'' male lyn get dis: and i want a good looking pony tail to female lyn.. i don't underdan way male lyn get all the good looking pony tails
  10. Sweet treat outfit

    like i get you'r point but it's reløy hard to find ppl whit the same outfi :/ and it wode be alot more fun if you can solo dance it's way i want to bay it and way i did bay it but i anver use it txs to i can't use the dance i rly want to use :/ it pisses me mostly off
  11. Sweet treat outfit

    ye and it's like rly pisses me off alot :(
  12. Sweet treat outfit

    I want sweet treat outfit to be abule to dance solo. Like i see no male use it i never get to use the dance it have! Maybe ncsoft can make it possebule to dance solo? Wat do ppl think?