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  1. same issue here bro... i've applied yesterday and nothing... they said on twitter "[#NCSOFT] We are currently aware of an issue where activated NCoin codes are not delivering NCoin. We are working to resolve this as quickly as possible." and on my ticket: Thank you for the update, and our apologies for the inconvenience that this has caused you. This is now a known issue and we are currently investigating this matter further. We'll let you know once we have new information on this. Thank you for your patience> we have to wait... so.. yeah..
  2. Character Drawing

    i really liked what you did with "Shanax" and "Snowy" detailed eyes and dark theme, can you make one for me ? have discord ?
  3. Character Drawing

    hello buddies.. so im looking for someone to draw my warlock to my profile pic on character info... i really want a badass art... not a copy from a printscreen but something created and based on her appearance. and of course be able to do this for gold :3 if you can, pls send some art you've did before. whisper me ingame or also here. Zulia Server - Touka Shiki more 4k+ prints for more analysis.