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  1. Good news, i got a positive response. But they stated that it is just a one time only thing per account. So from now on i'm gonna have to BE SUPER ULTRA vigilante before doing any upgrade.
  2. I sent a message to support, let's hope for the best.
  3. Hello guys, i made a mistake & i feel robbed. Just before the update i finally got my first legendary item (draken ring) i used all of my moonstones , soulstones , crystals , stones of wisdow + 100 G just to breakthrough and get the destiny ring stage 1. But now after the update you can just use the Draken ring + ''10 gold'' to breakthrough and get the destiny ring stage 1 .... What the hell ? i lost weeks of farming materials / gold ... just so they change the formula a couple days later ?? i don't want to play blade & soul anymore, i feel devastated.
  4. i fixed everything, thx to a very very small youtuber. #godspeed
  5. i don't know man, this game has no guide. its community online is non existent, whatever * that tower.
  6. I really don't know how mushin tower works, just started playing 2 weeks ago. And i'm a bit tired of doing this floor, can't beat the duo after the fat twins. And i'm sick and tired of failing against them ... i want to try first floors, i automatically dropped to 16F like wth ? how can i go back to the first floors ? looking on google didn't help at all btw.
  7. Hello , i play on EU Servers & i wanted to make a second character in a different server (Jinsoyun) than my main in (NaksunFr) ... my question is, is it possible to mail items to my second character even tho he is not in (Naksunfr) server like my main ?
  8. Problem solved, even tho i didn't get the help i needed.
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