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  1. Add Level 60 Voucher in F10 and don't make it too expensive for you can buy even with HCoins not just with NCoins !!!
  2. We cant upgrade weapon just with Amory Evolution Stone because before you could?
  3. Hello i have one problems with my account i dont know how my pin was change or i dont know how was wrong and now my account has been blocked i want to get back my account who can help me with this? Any from staff can help me ?
  4. Who can tell me why? I log on my account and i dont have character why? Where is my characters?
  5. I have already done this, but I do the same ... there is no other way?
  6. I5-4460 CPU: 3,20GHz W7 Enterprisse x64-bit Memory Ram: 6 GB Memory CarD : AsuS GTX 1050 TI 4GB HDD: 1 TB SSD: 250 GB But i dont know how to fix that Crash Error Report ... Any can help me with that....
  7. Hey guys how i can fix this Error Crash Report...anyone can help me with this ? ... Because i receive this crash report every day every hour can anyone help me solve this problem?
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