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  1. We cant upgrade weapon just with Amory Evolution Stone because before you could?
  2. Hello i have one problems with my account i dont know how my pin was change or i dont know how was wrong and now my account has been blocked i want to get back my account who can help me with this? Any from staff can help me ?
  3. I got one problem

  4. I got one problem

    Who can tell me why? I log on my account and i dont have character why? Where is my characters?
  5. Error Crash Report !!!

    I have already done this, but I do the same ... there is no other way?
  6. Error Crash Report !!!

    I5-4460 CPU: 3,20GHz W7 Enterprisse x64-bit Memory Ram: 6 GB Memory CarD : AsuS GTX 1050 TI 4GB HDD: 1 TB SSD: 250 GB But i dont know how to fix that Crash Error Report ... Any can help me with that....
  7. Error Crash Report !!!

    Hey guys how i can fix this Error Crash Report...anyone can help me with this ? ... Because i receive this crash report every day every hour can anyone help me solve this problem?