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  1. The actual phrase used is FALL, as in present tense. Actual quote: "Which one of those do you FALL into." Since I gave up on this game 2 years ago, (due to the realization that I didnt FALL into any of these categories), fairly obvious these labels dont apply to me. Otherwise I'd still be playing, dont you think? I mean, new class and I still dont feel like logging in. Says it all right there.
  2. E) None of the above I left this chit ages ago, just stop by time to time to see if anything interesting is going on and I happened to hear about todays update. No intention of coming back to this tedious chore of a game.
  3. BnS is designed for and caters to: A) Rich kids that can syphon cash from dad and moms bank account endlessly cause wtf do they care, not their money. B) No lifers than can spend upwards of around 18 hours a day playing a game like its a second job, (or in their case, a first.) C) Super casual types that just wanna spend on pretty cash shop costumes and go afk in towns and in front of warehouses just so they show them off. They have zero to no intention of ever actually grinding for anything, or playing seriously at all. D) Oh and over sexed teen
  4. The game atm is mostly populated by those whom have commited and invested so much RL cash into their toons that they simply cant bear to think about quitting. (AKA: whales.) Outside of that group, there the casual onlooker that joins, gets to about lvl 30, gets bored & lonely and leaves. As well as the occassional old vet that will stop by, see how things are, then remember why they left, and leaves again. Theres your current BnS pop. Also to those wishing to turn a blind eye to the fact ALL the lowbie areas are completely dead: if theres no one, (and they are quite literally
  5. Usually on the weekend before a big patch, theres some sort of event going on, like double xp or what not. Anyone know of anything going on this weekend? I apologize if its been posted somewhere around here, but this site, (and just where to look for info), can get cumbersome at times.
  6. Heh, may as well call it "W.A.I.L.S." Whale Acknowledgement and Identification Leverage System
  7. LOL!! Nah, gunners ain't OP yo. All is well, nothing to see here. /end thread.
  8. Cool story bro, but after you manage to get down from that high perch, could you then prove without a shadow of doubt that this whole event was, in fact, a DDoS or any other type of malicious outside influence? Cause as it stands there's mounting proof that this whole DDoS excuse might just have been a cover for what amounts to user/administrative negligence. Unless you typically just like to come on to random forums to ostentatiously white knight multi billion dollar companies and attack other players on their behalf. In that case, stay the course.
  9. Or maybe NCSofts dealings with this notoriously horribad company have something to do with it... https://www.wired.com/story/how-a-tiny-error-shut-off-the-internet-for-parts-of-the-us/ Gonna go ahead and shift blame for this fiasco to Level 3. As per yearly usual.
  10. One hour from now. 30 minutes playtime, followed by servers coming down for unscheduled maintenance/bug fixes lasting 4 hours. Servers coming back up 4 hours after the initial 4 hour estimated time. Only to go down again for yet another unscheduled maint/downtime for further bug fixes. Expect servers to come back up tomorrow, 1pm.
  11. Still dont understand the logic behind allowing yuns to be gunners, (and not gon), but given that's the case, there's really only one choice. My 4th jin it is...
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