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  1. lol this game will shut down soon, they milking the last money from whales..
  2. The direction this game is heading.

    Well I agree my clan have 70 people only 5 maybe less active all quit... GG NcSoft GG...
  3. +1 agree I too have alts with stones that are useless for them, and my main have only 1 but if they were account bound i could make my legendary badge. So NcSoft make BnS great again... surprise us for the 9th may update ;)
  4. Free slot

    I agree with you, i didn't know it too so I came back to see the gunner and all talked about free character slot... but now i cant claim it -_-' I dont get it why just not send it by mail in game instead that stupid register??? well i guess we will not play BnS again for a while.