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  1. Im seeking for a solution. not a fight if you don't intend to share why are you even commenting on this post? i've made alot of friends over here ofcoz im sad. if i change to others server ill be missing all my friends over here. i knew what im doing. i was saying if there is solution. @Irisdina if you just came here and act like that you better not to do that. im telling how i feels. yeah.. you playing ch,jap,kor so what you do have to be in here? you causes the ping and the MS you knew that why are you complaining on NA servers? I am not SEA servers players. I am originally NA Players just an oversea may i ask ? are you some brainless-person? or what ? you talk as it was easy. Its been over 6 month and this is my first thread.. You don't know what i've been through. I've been loved to play bns everyday.. And same to others.. What kind of pain, Jelousy. I know, Im seek a better not a hater. No matter how bad it was. I will still play NA server no matter what you says. Cause im originally from NA server. thanks again for others who sharing a good option to me. and thanks for the sympathy loves yah ^_^ i hope bns gives me a good feedback, if there is possible way to get a chances of playing bns like a normal people do. I would like to try ! But if don't. I will still be playing and support the way it was thanks again, Have a good day.
  2. I am asking for a solution. cause we were playing on diffirent region. Im SEA and i know alot of SEA gamers playing BNS-NA servers. But we do have 350-400ms everytime. And we did use Pingbooster/Pingzapper/Wtfast(Notuseablefornow)/Battleping. And the amount of ms was been reduce as before 350-400 to 290-320ms, Yah we know we playing for far apart to your servers. but we do not complaint about it. it just please.. let people like us dps like a normal player, i just want to have a good move normal move. My main character was BM, I can only do 11 Dragontongue on (anklebitter) . its not just me. and my friends too. we did not ask for a better MS, just.. let us fight and pve/pvp as NA Player.. it gives so much pain everytime to be seen the same class do the better move than you. Feel tired, its been 6 month i've been playing this game. i've spend 13hours a day cause i love this game and the way they is. Im crying everyday. grind the solution change my vpn and do everything and i still can't find a way.. please help im begging you