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  1. Finally someone who sees the same flaws that I saw. Many people might meme arround n say "warlock deserved it cause it was top-tier back then in pvp" or some ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤; that doesnt excuse to make a whole class into trashtier. ice has mobility now, but ice sucks in damage - with shadow you do more dps but sacrifice mobility; pvp is a joke as you said since melees can just cuck us hardcore. The damage is also something concerning, why are others allowed to do such a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ton of damage, while I can barely keep up mine on a stable rate. WL in 2019/2020 is trash, everyone will mem
  2. I think in KR, the VT Shoulshield gives Dragonhelix a damage increase instead,since it alrdy has 0 CD uwu
  3. We currently have a Event going on for Valentines, Heartbreaker and Love Makers (2 factions) basically go to Yeharas MIrage or near it,go outside to the wheels and have fun being oneshot by Aransu 6 People. but Crimson Legion/Ceru PvP is prtty much ded due to the fact that Ceru is a desert land.
  4. Honestly... since I have Raven I just avoid the longer lower dungeons,since it doesnt seem worth the gold for its duration. IF / EL / HH / SM are pretty quick if ur with a competent party,and mostly are quickly done. Aswell as the good money you get from them (Hollow,14g per daily) So yeah,i would avoid the dungeons who are like DT. ( as long as you have the AP for it)
  5. Objectively seen,frost is overall more DPS at end gear, though shadow is better low/mid gear. So if you plan to farm alot etc and stay long enough in the game,Frost is the way to go. At Lv.55 you get a Longui SS Set 8 Piece anway,afterwards even 3 parts of Black Tower SS aswell. So thats already what you need to startup. So - sometime in the Story you get a Legendary Weapon,which you can turn into a Baleful or Seraph Razor. For WL you take Seraph to keep ur Leech Cooldown lower. (I recommend you ,if you have Naryu Silver - to exchange 20 NS for 1 Weapon Chest,open as many until the We
  6. the only things you need for this is a good SF/KFM, a FM and a Destroyer. Maybe add a SB and a BB,but honestly - after running it arround 3 times now , as someone who didint play during the 45 Patch,I found it was okay. it was a challenge,and thats what the goal was by the developers - not to make it a braindead 1 run = 1 material dungeon,but making it challenging aswell as rewarding (merchant at the end/SS). It really just needs some coordination and just timing. Also make sure to always pick up dragonbloods whenever possible. ~~
  7. You wait a few seconds before you attack,until your tank has tanked it arround ~good 5 seconds and has built up DPS. Then you can look forward to tombstone it out. Thats what I learned in my general experience as gunner in F8
  8. The first post that doesn't complain about "omg how hard it is". Thanks. OT: I agree with you,they should make the MSP Change obsolete. 10g paid for a SS of MSP is kind of a waste,and I agree with the other future changes and regards aswell. To mention aswell is how you suggested to normalize the stats in Outland Island aswell - which I find nice due to the fact that it requires skill,and not whaling.
  9. I would advise you to look up Guides/Gameplay of every Class you layed your eye upon and then decide to make said Class.
  10. Alot of factors. Skill Modifiers,Elemenal Modifies and AP/Soulshields/ Legendairy Accsesoires.
  11. Hey there! #1 First things first - I see you have 3 Gem Slots. I'd recommend you to exchange your Naryu Silver into Weapon Chests at Grand Harvest Square. Open a couple chests and open till you have a Weapon with 6 Gem Slots. You would get addional Gem Slots by RNG when upgrading - but sometimes youll be stuck with 5 or so (like my WL is at Stage 12 alrdy and he still has 5 Slots...) #2 Run your daily quests, collect the Pinnacle Accsesoires (dropped in certain Dungeons) - then focus on getting Hexagonal Gems.Hexagonal Gems are bought by using 4 Gem Powder and exchanging th
  12. Both Baleful and Seraph can either go into > Raven >Dawnforged,Riftwalk >Seraph <-> Baleful Both on Seraph and Baleful,the costs to further upgrade are ALL THE SAME. Also,you can check out the other path by just rightclicking a weapon in the path and "switch Equipment type" The effect of seraph will be kept on riftwalk, balefuls on dawnforged (just differently activated) - raven is a thing on its own.
  13. Hey dear BnS Community/Team , I was just wondering on why the Forum is so restrictive in terms of profile editing/generally information and pictures. Since I am mostly used to forums where you can have a signature/have an actual profile and edit your Profile Picture aswell - I was wondering on why we don't have this here either. Sorry in case this alrdy has been asked >.<
  14. Just because you don't get legendairy ladida everything at one glance doesn't mean its only pay to win. p2w only saves you time,at the end we can all get the same gear - f2p players (like me) just have to invest more time. i came back to BnS in September this year,had a Lv.30 WL and now im HM 11,with a Stage 12 Seraph (close to the next upgrade) and have arround 800gold (all by dailies/selling transofmration stones). Doing dailies only isnt a source of money - use current events,if you get moonstones/elysian orbs then use them to make transformation stones to sell for 10g~ ea.
  15. "Gunner doesnt fit in the game" saying while we have >Soha,other Masters who use Guns (like her Brother) >Mobs with Guns everywhere >... Guns are present in the BnS world,and not using them would be a waste as a Class.
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