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  1. I really do not support the fact that lyns can now run around and carry guns that doesn't even fit them, (Also yay for them having yet another RANGED class in their category). However I do feel the understanding to why Lyns got gunners, over gons and it is not because they are popular in the other region. For those of you who had played bns before it hit NA/EU and played the game when other regions still had level 45 + and was beginning to transition into silverfrost with the introduction of a new class: The warlock. Warlock was exclusive to the Jins... Then after a whole year or two went by. Warlock was given access for Lyns. Yun that only had BM and FM was given KFM and Gons who have Destros and KFM was given FM in the new update months before Soul fighter was coming to the Korean test servers. Fast forward into the era where soul fighter was officially released, it was exclusive to yun and gons. My reasoning for why those two gotten access to soul fighter before the Jin could get their hands on it, is: Gon and Yuns did not gain a new class like the Jin and the Lyn with warlock. It would made sense to balance them out in terms of selection wise and try to crater those two races to give people more of a chance to play with them. Last year we got another class "unlock" and that was simply Jins being able to play as soul fighter. Which would honestly make sense because like the first concept art of warlock, it was a lyn that looked like a heartless at first and then it was shift to being a Jin, then during the first teaser of soul fighter there was prototype of a male jin showing off the class. This do beg the question of.... How come Jin didn't get fm when bns was first introduced, when there was clearly a female jin who was wielding a bangle and chasing after a summoner. Now this year we have gotten another class and it was gunner. It made sense for Jins to have gunner because of their lore and gunners were "playable" in an alpha version of BNS... Only way you can play as them is to be a jin. Yuns were getting their own region for the new update, what better way to promote them other than offering players to play as a yun with the new class? Also I think that the devs have clearly withdraw the whole sense of letting a class be exclusive to one race, with each new class. Every race expect ONE race has gained title to the new recent classes that released year before and after na/eu was released: Jin & yun got gunner, Yun and Gon got SF and then a year after sf was released, Jins got access to play the latest class. Possibly almost three years with Lyns not getting to play two new "classes" that released in a short span. So what do you think the devs decided to do to show some love to the lyn? They gave them the recent class that has been released. Yeah you can probably say that gons didn't get a new class, but they gotten a new class which was soul fighter two years ago in the other region. The Lyn race had to technically wait vastly from 2013 - 2017 (maybe 2012) to be able to play as a new class. While the other races get a new fresh style towards them. So in a way I can see why they've done that.... But if you want my honest opinion they could have made some celestial class other than fm... The flute in BNS is being heavily used in the story... The could have just give that to Lyns and Yuns. If that were to be the next "class" we would gain. That's just my input though.
  2. Gon Gunner Please!

    Correction: "You understand that NA cant do it". "That because "i want" it will not happen". "Aleast NA NC cant do it." Or the final verdict here: "You understand that NA/EU can't do it". "Aleast NA NC can't do it".
  3. High AP Hypocrisy

    Lol... Yeah, you go try tanking as a wl or as a FM in EC, DT,NF etc & see how much fun that will be. I have a much easier time tanking on my gunner when it comes to those dungeons than compared to my WL/FM. :P
  4. Does support exist in this game?

    Support usually does not answer over the weekends, due to being off on the weekends. You are probably going to have to wait until Monday.
  5. What outfits did Na never get?

    do we also get soyoo's Arabic uniform in the future? really want it Dx
  6. Name clean out

    As long as they leave the players that had brought a founder pack for reserving their names alone.
  7. Secretkeeper

    Pistachio Dream was given during the final chapter of the last act after you defeated Jinsoyun and that outfit was account bound. I don't see how secret keeper cannot be account bound as well.
  8. [suggestion]Gunner for Gon

    And again this comes down to personal preferences and tastes, Your Gon attracts you but your Jin is much more appealing to you, someone else might differ from your opinion. You see attractiveness which how they stand, I see beauty on how they are created regardless of their stance, this also includes emotes. Like with what you said the force smile on a yun is just ugh... This game does not really have a proper body structure their bones are mesh. As I said before with the gons. The way they stand their hips are not suppose to be poked out like that but again it's a game, the characters do stuff most of us real life humans cannot do. jins are not also perfect, when you they into their Idle 2 stance you can see some of their bone especially near the stomach/pelvic area sticking out, or a misplaced bone that is clearly view able when she is wearing summer waves. That honestly bothers me... Alot. It's also totally fine if you do not like any of the characters that I had posted. It does not offend me in any type way not everyone agrees with my choices and vice versa pretty sure I would not like any of your characters nor imagine playing as them, maybe I will. But most jins I see running around are small jins with huge heads or big eyes, or they're using a preset from that chinese website. My favorite race is the Jin because I'm the type who likes to play as that wild spirited character but the yuns have that more attractive face. Even if they have that "BRF" expression. Again just my preference. Besides according to the NPCs aside from a few select ones. You're ugly, you smell and you have poor taste in fashion anyhow. Even though Jyansei looks better than what the most NPCs that trash talk your character.
  9. [suggestion]Gunner for Gon

    Honestly there are no ugly races in this game. Someone had already mention this, in this topic already I'm just here to repeat it in my own words: Reason why do not see a lot of good looking races in this region is because a lot of players lacks creativity when it comes to creating your own characters. When I am in Zaiwei, Jadestone or any of the populated zones. I am seeing the same presets of on particular character that is being used by a lot of players which lacks diversity and creativity. You have those who just pick a default preset and be on their way. Then you have those who are using someone else's presets, like the Alien looking lyn, Tae's yun/jin and Rendermax's Jin for example. To me when it comes to the races faces, Yuns have the most realistic face in this game. What I mean by the most realistic face in the game, I mean that you do not have to put alot of effort into making her look as if her face came from an actual final fantasy game, or the dead/alive series. That is the only good part about her, however... She has a flaw and that is her body and the way it portions: Her hands are the longest out of the race, Her default hands would simply cover her head when doing an emote, or if you make them small she will have small hands but everything else on her is big. But yuns are like the elves for BNS and according humanity, Elves are suppose beautiful, elegant and tall compared to an actual human and other mystical races. If you put some effort into her body. She can have one of the most elegant bodies in the game. Female Gons... They never honestly appealed to me. When I see a female gon, I usually see an amazon woman. Her face is like mixed between a Jin and a yun. You can make her face look childish/young like, like the female Jin or you can honestly give her a much mature face like the yun. One of my favorite character creators in BNS NA had said that she does not enjoy working with gons because of how they pose, they prod their hips out and that right there should not be natural... This is a fantasy game so... Like Yuns, You need to put a lot of effort into making a perfect Gon. Then you have that highschool, hyperactive, Chic, yet childish female: The Jin. I have to say out of all the races, the female jins are second to the lyns when it comes to having Large eyes. Yes the gon and the Yuns can have huge eyes as well, but the way they promote female jins in BNS she usually have huge "kawaii" eyes that takes up half her face. The way they act, their gesture it just reminds me of a Teenager. However you can make some really lovely female Jins, I say when it comes to creating a character that can be young yet childish and seductive/mature it is the Jin. Which is probably why alot of people play as one or prefer playing as one when it comes to class selection. I am not going to get all deep in the topic when it comes to lyns, but it honestly depends on how the player creates and dress that lyn... But here some pictures of players characters of each race which I think looks adorable/beautiful that were created in the NA/EU region and not using someone else's preset. None of these characters are mines I just swiped them off of a discord pic channel: ^ Again none of these photos or characters belong to me. There are no: Which race is the sexiest/ugliest in this game. It just comes down to personal preferences and tastes that is labeled as an opinion. These are the TRUE beauties right here though: .... And not one yun is in there. For Gunner wise. I honestly think that the reason why yuns got the class is because they are equal to the gons when it comes to class abilities. When bns first came out Jins had: Assasin, BM, KFM. Gons had : Destro, KFM . Lyns had: Summoners, BD & FM, While Yuns had: BM & FM. In 2012 or 2013 when a new class was announced and a concept art was leaked which would soon to be the warlock class as we know it. The class was originally meant for Lyns. As you could see in the concept art, there was a dark evil looking lyn that look like a heartless with chains around it. Lyns would have had three exclusive classes to their names, not to mention they were just given a new class which was "Lyn blade master" or here "Lyn blade dancer" giving them another exclusive class would probably spark an uproar. So the devs decided to pass warlocks to the jins which were exclusive to them until after a year that soul fight was out. In the teaser for the SF clearly saw that the race that was being the test dummy for the SF was a male jin. When SF was being prepared to be released, SF was exclusive to Yuns and Gons most likely due to the same reason I had pointed out about Lyns had they given them warlocks exclusiveness first. Later on warlock and soul fighter class exclusiveness were given to the other two races. I will not surprised if Gons were to get gunners next year or possibly lyns because they have yet to receive a new class however, I do not think a gunner will fit them. It is bad enough vsing them in pvp that you can barely see them and they're running behind their pet guardian. But yea, do not lose hope I guess lol. It is a trend by now.