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  1. The Clan MastersOfPwnography is now recruiting active members! Details: Clan Rank: 15 Faction: Crimson Legion Weekly bonus: Usually +40~45% (always active) Here's brief introduction! After a short period of inactivity due to people struggling with petty things (such as real life), we're now recruiting again to gather a friendly and shitposting group of people, still capable of clearing raids efficently. We have a pretty solid experience with BT (over 30 clears) and the leaders have gathered experience for the first two bosses of VT, meaning we can now create and set up a proper VT Raid. To make it short, here's a sum up of the things you will find inside the clan: •Shitposting; •A friendly community (Hopefully ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ); •NSFW shitposting (I mean, did you even read our guild name?); •Active, static raids for both BT and VT with spreadsheets containing guides, loot logs and all the information you may ever need! •Memes about a certain guy still not having a fire earring after 32 clears™ •Definitely not drama. Really. Stop looking at me. Requirements: •Legendary Soul (or at least being very close to it) •1100+ AP (of course this means having actual gear and it's not actually based on the mere number!); •Being a Soul F- Ahem, being active both on Discord and ingame. We don't want taciturn people. There is NO experience requirement for VT! We're especially looking for Soul Fighters and Warlocks (so that we can set up that juicy VT Run), but any class is welcome! People to contact ingame: Evelynn Eschalot | Astonx | Pumpkin Queen | SpinnyBoi | RoguenossBnS Contact me on discord (Lance Eschalot#6298) if you don't find any of these online!
  2. KFM Bug not in "Known Issues"

    Update! More than one month and the Fighting Spirit bug known by ANYONE at this point is not even in the known issues thread. Hopefully there wont be the need for another bump.
  3. i'm gonna leaving the game

    In case you missed it: I'm at week 29 and I've yet to see one Fire Earring drop :^) They at least showed some interest with the recent Legendary Roughhewn earring + Gem exchange, but the value is completely messed up. Basically, not only I've been unlucky with BT drops, now I have to go farm HM dungeons in hope of the legendary earring drop AND I have to spend 600 (Seriously, six hundred? WHAT?) Hellion Cores for the right gem to fuse them. Better than nothing, but still almost nothing since it's absolutely not worth the exchange. They should simply put a vendor that gives you the accessory of the element you need JUST with the legendary Roughhewn (this way you have to farm HM anyway) and nothing else, with the 10 kills achievement being necessary to complete the exchange (maybe 250 Hellion Cores AT MOST ).
  4. BT Accessory Exchange

    Heyo! Thread creator here! Just wanted to make an update: it has been 27 weeks as of now and I have yet to see a Fire Earring drop. Yep, exactly. Three months after I still haven't seen a single one. Wanted to update the post again as this issue is still incredibly relevant to (I fear) a big number of players. Hopefully a developer will give this problem the attenction it deserves.
  5. Livestream Update

    Glad to hear this! We deeply appreciate this transparence, guys. Keep up the good work and keep trying to communicate with us. We can make this community and the game better if we cooperate!
  6. KFM Bug not in "Known Issues"

    Hello. I've noticed that after so much time and so many months the "Known Issues" thread has not been updated with (at least) KFM bugs. The most important bug is: 1) KFM's Fighting Spirit buff does not reset the cooldown of Comet Strike as intended if one or more party members are in Soul Separation (applies to all instances with Soul Separation, from Skybreak Spyre to Ebondrake Lair). Second, I've noticed something incredibly silly in the "Known Issues" thread (in the KFM section as well) which made me laugh a lot: >"Eight Talons" is hitting more than 5 times. What. The. Hell. So the move is called EIGHT Talons, the animation clearly deals EIGHT blows and it is bugged because it hits more than... FIVE times? Of course it's a bug. It surely isn't a localization error from Korean. I'd like to see the Known Issues thread updated with said bugs and the Eight Talons line removed (being replaced with a "Eight Talons descriptions says 5 hits instead of 8"). I'll keep bumping the thread if I have to, until I see the "Known Issues" thread updated. I'll proceed to send a ticket to support regarding this bug as well.
  7. BT Accessory Exchange

    Hello! I understand your point, but I have to disagree. As I already said: Remember that people usually make stable groups to run BT every week.
  8. BT Accessory Exchange

    That's why I've made this post, exactly! Thanks for the feedback! ________________________________________________________________ I don't get why you're against this, really. You are saying that just because in most other games it is RNG based, we must adapt and accept the frustration of relying on RNG for a dungeon you can access once in a week, thus having the risk of extending your gearing time indefinitely if you're unlucky. I'm trying to give an idea to limit this. Raids will continue to do BT for the weekly reward in materials and gold, but people will gear up quickly and be less stressed about it. Thank you for taking your time answering, nonetheless! _________________________________________ Heh, doesn't it sound incredibly stupid? I mean, being forced to play an element you may not even like just becouse RNG. Again, this is exactly why I made this post. Thanks for taking your time to reply to this thread, anyway! _________________________________________________ It sounds like a good option, but it would require Devs to do some work on how chests work (they would have to implement a new function that makes you select the element of the item you desire from the chest before opening it with a key, and that would mean putting a little more work into that. A good idea, though! Thanks for the feedback!
  9. BT Accessory Exchange

    Hello! First off, I'm not here to cry/complain. I'm here to try to get the attenction of the developers on what I think is a good idea. Let's get right to the point: I've been Raiding with my fellow guildmates and friends (I'm talking about the Black Tower raid only, of course) for more than 10 weeks now and we're starting to feel tired of a very basic thing everyone probably hates as well: the RNG on accessories you obtain every time you defeat a Raid Boss. Many people got their gear on the first week, many got them in their second week, while others (like me and two more people) can't manage to make that damnable Fire Earring drop. Being one of the most common elements around, we really struggled with getting enough. Now, add to that all the frustration we get when the first boss doesn't drop a Fire Earring for a week, after so many weeks of commitment. Of course, this post is not about "hey, buff the fire earring drop rate!", but it rather is an idea (a very simple one, and I bet all of you had this in mind at some point too) to lower frustration and increase satisfaction without ruining the in game economy badly (talking about the well known "carry runs"). The idea is: Give us the chance to exchange accessories for other accessories of the same category BUT with the element we need. Example: Raid X manages to kill first/second/third boss and drops an accessory that nobody needs. The accessory is given to the person that bids more/to the person with the most points (if your guild uses a point based system rather than a gold based one, like my guild) that still doesn't have that kind of accessory (either a Ring or an Earring), then that person can exchange said earring of whatever element for the one with the element he needs through the Dragon Express or even through a specialized NPC (maybe paying a little fee). "Carry runs" will of course always result in the buyer being satisfied, thus making them buy only one run and not mutiple ones (if the accessory they needed didn't drop). I hope the people and guilds who make those will be understanding, since this solution would make everyone happy (and, who knows, maybe more people will think about buying a carry run now that they know that no RNG will play a trick on their wallet). Let me know what you guys think and what you think would make this a real thing. Let's get the attenction of the developers together!
  10. Weekly Challenge change

    Hello! It's my first topic on the forum, and it's not going to be a pointless complaining (at least I hope it wont look like that). So, with this event you can get Nebula stones to upgrade EASILY your legendary weapon, and that's a fantastic thing. Now, since you get 5 of those Coin boxes if you complete the weekly challenge... It's becoming a nightmare. I'm not a PvP lover, of course, so I never really bothered about getting a nice PvP equipment to fight in Battlegrounds. In my opinion, the current Battleground (matchmaking, more than anything else) is completely broken, matching you with people with your rank but not taking in consideration the difference between your AP and their AP. I've seen many times teams with only 700-800 AP members and opponents with 3 or even more people with 1000+ AP. A lot of people are being forced by the game to compete in PvP in order to get moonstones and this newly added coins to upgrade their stuff and get stronger, at least in PvE (which may be the only thing they care about). So, since winning 3 matches is like choosing to ruin your mood completely and waste hours if you're not well equipped, wouldn't it be better if the weekly challenge had the "PARTECIPATE in three battleground matches" and not "WIN three battleground matches"? That would mean: undergeared people AND alts could complete this weekly challenge without wasting hours (and destroying their moods/hating the game) and without RUINING a lot of matches for the well geared people who often get matched with weak teams (and of course, spend their whole time complaining about the others being noobs. That's fine, since everyone is having a rough time, and they're KINDA right to be upset and complain, but holy moly if it's annoying to be called noob every five seconds). I KNOW it's my fault if I don't have the right PvP equipment, but I just simply don't like PvP in RPGs, where balancing is often impossible. I just want not to be forced to play something I hate and to ruin mine and others mood. So, that's my idea and that's my feedback. Let me know what you guys think of what I said and let's talk about it, hoping NCsoft will hear us.