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  1. i have over 1.100 dungeons done and never see the RED chest drop how i upgrade my items if NEVER DROP . Of course u will say "do hard mode" but how to do hard mode when 99% of players are barley abble to do easy mode
  2. that event was bigger mistake from this game . Now its full of players whit 1800+ Ap and even dont know how to play his class u cant trust anyone in dungeon and raid's they do alot mistakes and after talk bad if u tell something, BIG MISTAKE
  3. just remove gold from game and put NCoin cost at upgrade will be more profit for u NCdontknow what
  4. IF u consider to put MAO GLOVE IN F10 just doet or increase rate of drop its imbarassing to do 150 run's and never see that gloves i do endgame dungeon and i get 150.00 Naryu Coin'sand in F15 wich i can kill in 1 hit i get 10Moon Stone bundle GG NCSOFT
  5. if i reseal a aransu 9 sword and i send to archer its transform in bow ? and gem slot's saty still 9 or it's random?
  6. for 56 minutes i stay in front of monitor and wach login symulator for blade and soul I LOVE NCSoft
  7. get 3 crushes in 10 minutes well done maintenance
  8. server up from mai..... for 10-20 min ofcourse
  9. its a maintenance for last maintenance to keep server alive well but to late will be one more maintenance to end maintenance clean so be patient
  10. No Scheduled Maintenance on 27/12/2017 ? With this in mind, we wanted to update you on our schedule for the rest of the year: Participate in our winter festivities: Frozen Vipercap Cavern, The Lost Jackpot, and the Holiday Treasure Trove. Pick up your holiday cosmetics before they leave the Hongmoon Store on January 5! Routine server maintenance will occur on December 27.
  11. they will imput the LYN GUNNSLINGER its a christmas surprise :)))
  12. someone go pay electricity bill for server
  13. No worry they will have excuse for everything
  14. yes u will get 1 soulstone compensation
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