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  1. Premium is not worth it anymore anyway. They need to reward us more than a chance at venture tokens on the wheel. Wardrobe can be free. Otherwise where do f2p store their outfits? It's not fair to them. They will run out of space. Premium membership already do.
  2. It should be bound to account. I did trove on 3 characters because 2 of them got crits. They weren't excessive (maybe $20 on the two alts) but one got a stone. It's stuck on there and I don't really play that char minus dailies for gold. While my main that I spent a ton on didn't get any stones. So I hope they change this too. But you should have kept all boxes on one character.
  3. I agree. Go summ or sin. Summ is easy and brainless. It's something you can main. Sin isn't as hard as they make it seem with those stars in the character selection. Their burst is excessive. KFM is the hardest out of those three and I've seen people main KFM just to switch to something else because it's not easy. Unlike the butt load of assassins and annoying pet class summoners.
  4. I opened a bunch too and no wings. I expected that though so I limited myself but I know someone in my clan who opened only 1 box and got them. I hope they return for 499 ncoins in rotation /giggle
  5. Nothing special about Gunner anyway. Might as well open it up to gons but I wouldn't play it either. I tried it and deleted my char after a week. Only annoying thing is now is there will be tinier brainless class players.
  6. Hi, does anyone know when this outfit will be available in the f10 store? I know it was given out during the giveaway but we haven't had a NEW outfit in weeks. The one time something new pops up, its exclusive. Most people probably wont even pick that outfit out of the 3 options so the people who really want it will have to wait. I heard this is what happened with Boss Mode. Is that true? and if it is, how long did it take to appear in f10? I just want this outfit on my male Gon and I wasn't lucky enough to win any giveaways.
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