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  1. Raven prisms are too expensive.

    I never said free. And it is not free. You still need to do dungeons to gather mats. I am just pointing out that it is not really balanced costwise when it requires same amount of effort as VT neck. And yes players expect to keep up with the game. Apparently that's what the developers thinking too since they are handing out FREE riftwalks to everyone. But nvm, just slap another pLaYeRs ExPecT eVeRyThInG fReE.
  2. Raven prisms are too expensive.

    Really though? You have a fair point there with draken cores. But 250 hellion core for raven accs is still a rip-off. You can get raven accs easily true, but prisms had to be an alternative to that. Also it's rng with raid. I have been waiting for my earring since warden came out still no luck. It's not worth the effort for such an old accessory. Also not many clans invite the new characters/alts to their BT raids, so there is that. I disagree with necklace being too expensive. VT raid is still relevant so it is understandable that it requires much more effort. Maybe the scale count can be lowered but other than that it's actually ok.
  3. Is it worth still playing BnS?

    Shortly NO. Otherwise depends. Developers do not really listen to players that is the major issue. Many in-game issues are being solved really really late. For example moonstone issue is just being handled now (if you can call that handled ofc, still no reliable method to farm them. LET PEOPLE FARM FFS) even though it is been an issue since they introduced them. They added bound versions of items like oils and pet pots saying that would increase their acquisition rate. We are still waiting. They openly turn a blind eye to issues. They are just not transparent enough. Your community updates are really slow and rare. Try to up those rates. Talk to community. Dungeon designs are repetitive. Not many new designs, 2-3 bosses, same rotations, mech phases(Please not anymore single inside-outside ring F***ING attack, it's like everywhere nowadays. Be creative peeps, if not ask community) Money to money-sink ratio is good, so no inflation threat I can see of. Yay, I guess. Events are bad. Just bad. The last event maybe the first good event in past year. Lag and lag spikes are another thing. The game never seen a good day on that regard especially on EU. And they even merged servers to plug the holes that leaking money which only fueled lag even more. Game isn't that buggy, thankfully, but the adaption quality from Korea is just pure flaming ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤. Translation jobs are not very good(warden tooltips are good example). Anything Ncwest tries just breaks the game. The only frustrating issue, which is a big one, is constant crashing. Still waiting a reply peeps, at least apologize for you shitty job. Pvp in game is dead. Sadly dead. If you don't believe me check the pvp section of forum. There are people complaining they are waiting in queues for half and hour or so to just get a single match. That's considering game is being advertised as a "Esport" is just sad. Also they will also add a battle royale mode in future which to me shows they are just following trends. 6v6 cannot really be considered as pvp. Whales will pve you out of this realm. Adding to that matchmaking still a capital ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤. Game will match whale team with bronze team. Only skill you need to win is swipe. Class balance... Oh god. The issue with this they are trying to balance both pve and pvp at the same F****NG time. Try to fix pvp, pve get rekt. Try to buff a class since they deal ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ for damage in pve, they become meta on pvp. They balance with items but since not everyone has easy access to all items in the game, and since you need to be somewhat revelant to be even able to get those items are not really good way of going. Destroyers suck before getting to raven and they are not exactly handing the raven items out (Not with those prism prices, good job ncsoft, at least you tried) Community was really really REALLY bad. One of the top toxic communities in the mmorpg genre (from this wall of text, myself included) Nowadays it got better somehow. But don't expect too much they don't exactly welcome you with open arms. Game is still fun, combat is one of the best of it's class, if it weren't to be UE3 it could be the best. Let's see how UE4 will be. Also ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ the story. Story ended when jinsoyun defeated. Rest is filler. Like bleach. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ bleach. There are people still playing and enjoying this game. It is not unplayable, it is just not that good aside from the combat. That's the only thing keeps the game alive. I write this in a go (with a burning fury since I just crashed, I may have biased) so forgive any mistakes. EDIT: After crashing few more times, just go. Don't even approach. Game is just bad.
  4. Considering raven is really old now that we have tt and another upcoming raid I don't get why the raven accessories are still so hard to get. It's so nice of you to add them to hard dungeons but did you really checked the prism prices? Do they look fair to you? 250 hellion cores for single raven acc? Why is it much more expensive than, IDK, the SST bracelet for example? Also why hellion cores instead of more logical draken cores? Right now they are complete rip-off. You are on the right path but for once, do a thing thoroughly.
  5. As a pve player I am in favor of PvP to die off because of Ncsoft's idea of class balance. Instead of going easy seperate builds for pvp and pve they want to balance it under single build. Destroyers are dead for that reason. And the reason why assassins once were pain to deal with. But since pvp still popular in korea, I don't expect any kind of change on it.
  6. Warden..

    You have to be ATTACKING in the Blade Ward to be status immune. Translation is just bad since they are pumping content at full speed. Just use skills in blade ward, you don't even need to hit something.
  7. 2 for example. We can't satisfy your whales if we don't earn anything back.