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  1. Make Jin Playable as Force Master

    Trying my best to revive this thread and get some dev's attention. I'm a graphic designer with a strong OCD complex. The completely retarded posture of Gon and Yun races make my OCD strangle me in my sleep if I play for too long. I don't enjoy playing a Lyn because i'm not into children :) I can't play a male char because... I don't enjoy looking at a male's behind while playing. The reasons might sound dumb, but we can't change the way we feel about certain things now, can we? The only decent looking race in this game for female characters is Jin. My main is a Yun FM that I play since 2 years ago, and because of the posture thing I keep temporarily quitting the game, as I only enjoy it to a point. One of the things that lured me into this game is testing outfits, designing other outfits based on ingame costumes (something like fan-art). The costumes on Yun look ridiculous as well. Conclusion: Make FM playable for Jin race. I've heard many FMs complain about the postures of Gon especially. Also it would make much more sense to have an elemental "spell caster" class available for Jin, and not for Gon (who's the most physical race type ingame, and not at all, the "high intellect" spell caster type).
  2. The Princess Cannonball event got me 3 Divine Grace stones TODAY (3 in one day, 1 on each alt). I got 0 Divine Grace stones on my main from the event and I've done it every single day. I just need 1 more for my legendary badge. The support won't transfer it, I've tried countless times before with other items, so I'm not even gonna bother... The problem is that I also cleared Outlaw Island on main over 120 times so far, and had 0 drops. So you can imagine how much frustration this brings to me, as for 2 months now I'm sitting on 4 stones on my main, and I'm unable to get the badge. (I bought the 4th stone on main with Mewtineer Coins - Outlaw Island currency) - so I'd have to farm this another 120+ times to get my 5th. This system is complete bull*hit, how you get teased with Untradable drops on your alts, while your main just needs 1 more... edit: I wouldn't be surprised if they'd have done this as an opportunity to "satisfy" the frustrated players who didn't get the drop on the right character, by having Divine Grace stones on f10 after the event ends (so you could have your fair chance to get your badge) for like 1200-2000 Ncoin each.
  3. Trading channel - to keep /f free of spam?

    Theoretically it is true, but not necessarily. The attention could be reduced by a maximum of 50%, so people who are interested in following trades will have the chance to do so.
  4. Why doesn't this game have a trading channel? We do have f5, yet it's impossible to keep people from trying to sell their items on public channels. They will keep spamming here and disturb the order of a channel intended for something entirely different. Punishing people that try selling on /f chat to keep it clean would be unwise and futile. Even I have bought from /f chat, sometimes more than I buy from f5. Not necessarily because it's cheaper (since they want to avoid the market fee) but because sometimes you don't even realize you need something until someone advertises it. Even though I agree and am not against the fact that people sell their stuff on a public chat, I sometimes wish to follow an interesting conversation that happens on faction which gets spammed by sales. So the most logical solution is to create a public chat intended for trade only, and only then start punishing the people who spam it on faction, region, etc. as well.
  5. (Support refused to restore Hongmoon Lantern Earrings, a common quality crappy visual item that everyone gets from the story quest, no matter how many times I asked. It's plain dumb and unacceptable) I started the game as a FM, had no idea that this item is unique in game. It's green (common) quality, yet there is only 1 cosmetic earring per character in the entire game. Back then, I simply deleted it without knowing there won't be any other items similar to this later on. I probably needed the inventory space, and since I didn't have premium for wardrobe or my inventory unlocked to store it, I simply got rid of it. They looked crappy on my Gon FM. I recently changed race with voucher, got my Nightmare Hair from BT and realized how well it goes with those earrings, so I contacted support in order to get them restored. They kept refusing me as "nicely as possible". I even gave them multiple options/ideas to solve this issue, such as to transfer it from one of my alts i don't give a crap about, to my main. Their reply was: "I personally understand your frustration regarding this matter. However, we are unable to transfer the item in question due to character bound and it is an end game item. " An end game item? :D Really? I would understand that they don't restore an item IF: The item would be of a different rarity and there would be a warning in the item's description letting the player know that the item is unique in its class. But seriously, it's an item of COMMON quality. Common means that there are multiple ways to obtain it in the game. (P.S. They even transferred souls with the gunner release to certain people, but they won't transfer me a fcking cosmetic.) I know that there are issues way worse than this affecting other players, but for me visuals are an important feature in this game, probably the reason I started playing and because of this I am about to quit. Every reply I got from support was dumb and offensive. Their reasons for not restoring the item for me simply makes no sense.