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  1. 21 minutes ago, Kylasviel Weizmann said:

    I definitely agree with all of what you said. I think gunners, blade dancers, destroyers, summoner's cat grab, assassin, kfm and warlock all need a rework. They are literally invinsible in 6v6 cause they can perma resist, stealth, spin and deflect, grab, one shot, untabbable aeriel etc... all of these classes are NCSoft's favourites which they buffed too much too many times and need to be nerfed so that it would require skills to play them well. At the moment only FM is a balanced class that actually requires good cd management and skill. The rest are broken.

    Did........did you just say KFM is broken but force master is balanced? You're either trolling, really don't understand pvp or blissfully negligent. No one with any amount of recognizable skill will even remotely agree with you. As far as BROKEN is concerned WL and GUNNER need the most looks. As far as overpowered is concerned force master is number one on that list, followed by assassin and a few others. KFM is only considered OP or broken to REAAAAALLLLLY bad people and i'm backed in my statements by top players who compete and win at tournaments. Learn to FM because you're nearly invincible at max gear, can wall bang, heal, disable approach moves, knock back indefinitely, two tabs, phantom grab, two ice shields and can stall.....multiple opponents....on a game breaking level. Force master walks a VERY THIN line between broken and overpowered.

  2. simply guiding the left analog stick backwards in a half circle will give you unwanted SS (backdash). I've repeatedly complained about this issue and it seems no one is reading or acknowledging this on going issue crippling the already subpar controller usage. To remedy this issue, SS or backdash should be assignable to a button. This is literally the only way to prevent this type of misread in inputs.

  3. @post above me: Makes sense but that flirts dangerously on victim blaming. This was a poorly made event, plain and simple. Take out the pvp, you still have 18 seconds on a wheel with RNG tied to it. You still have pinchy bombs the trolls can troll with. Ignoring your player base is almost as anti company as racism. Only difference is, one will reach the media and the other won't. 

  4. 1 minute ago, Valkyriewild said:

    You mean you do not even get a shard every time you spin? so when all is said and done and the event is over you might not even have enough shards in the end to even get the item?

    Hell no you don't! And even though the scenario you're speaking of is unlikely but it IS very possible and that's just pure effery. Which is why i believe we're being trolled. They ruined our christmas, they ruined our second anniversary and now they're ruining our valentine's day event. Back to back loot boxes to add insult to injury. Tax season is coming up so they go OD on the anticonsumerism. You spend hours playing the game a day all to be tempted by some outfits that will cost you around 100 something dollars to wear for a day or so before you're bored seeing yourself and everyone else with it.

  5. Seriously? if it isn't bad enough to actually get your 18 seconds done but there's RNG in the damn shards? BULL!!! this is a prank. I'm calling conspiracy.


    1. NCSOFT is getting a huge laugh and are high fiving each other while trolling the holy hell out of us to see if we'll get offended or realize it's all a joke.


    2. This is a social experiment to see the difference in how the western players versus the eastern player, behave and treat each other.


    3. NCSOFT is attempting to sabotage the game because the upkeep of the servers (they won't fix) out weighs their annual profits and will loot box us to death until we quit. 


    4. Someone's wife cheated on them with a guy from this part of the world.


    Either way, i refuse to believe this event was done without any malevolent intentions. Something happened, someone got offended or upset. I can't help but to think we're being trolled or abused. I know the tinfoil hat is showing but let's break this down. We've had back to back to back loot bozes with RNG. Trove on christmas and NO CHRISTMAS THEMED environment. Last few events have been hot garbage and ultra anti consumer. Next week we'll be introduced with another RNG box with goodies locked behind low drop chances. Frre to play or not, NO OTHER COMPANY can get away with this level of blatant disrespect. We can't even get combat bug fixed, and you can't find me ONE PERSON cool with that.


    How many of your skills have bugs? How many months will we wait for our balance changes? How long will it take to fix 6v6? Name me one other company that can screw around their player base this hard and receive no backlash? The best we do is meme the hell out of jonathan as if ANY of this is even remotely his fault. I haven't been spending my money and i urge you guys to follow suite. The behavior at this point is no different then being abused and making excuses for your abuser. They need to address this NOW!

  6. LOL i truly hope you're not holding your breath on them actually changing anything. I need you to understand one thing: If it's a good idea, it AINT HAPPENIN!!! They only tell you to post suggestions here to justify the need to own a forum. They don't care (the main branch) and nothing will get done unless a massive amount of people are outraged about it.


    Just level up and come back to what ever quest you wanted to complete when you have swiped the holy hell out of your credit card for maximum soul and pet. I hope you have around 6k in the bank. It won't make you OP but it'll get you started. 

  7. I know suggesting anything is about as futile as a deaf person translating a conversation between two dogs barking at each other behind a wood fence but could you kindly find a way to implement a system that prevents kicked players from repeatedly returning to the same lobby they we're kicked from? Once you kick a player, they continue to rejoin until you either close the lobby all together, allow them to stay or everyone leaves. My suggestion is once a person is kicked "twice" (as the first time may be a mistake) they are "banned'' from returning to the same lobby for at least 5 minutes. 

  8. 12 minutes ago, DustinMcDohl said:

    i think they're just tired of running blade and soul so they're doing their best to kill the game and make it look like they're not actively sabotaging it.

    BINGO!! and the the best way to do that is loot box after loot box until everyone says "screw it". That way, they can blame us for lack of interest as to why the servers are shutting down. 

  9. i asked for something very similar to this with hairstyle changes but it's just not going to happen. Maybe if this game was subscription based, we would get quality but the half subscription model of F2P is exactly why you'll pay for every step of the way. Korean/asian/eastern developers are NOT consumer friendly when it comes to this. I can assure you nothing remotely close to this will happen. The best we may get is more HM coins a day and that's wishing on a rainbow.

  10. Complain about RNG and threaten to not trove then go RIGHT BACK to the grind? It's people like you that become the reason REAL COMPLAINTS don't get responded too. You just shoot off and make empty threats, yet when you're ignored, you'll cool down and jump right back on your hamster wheel. 

  11. 3 hours ago, Paiku said:

    Well, Im dissapointed from the community. Complaining about everything and anything.


    1. People complain, that Dungeons are to easy

    - now Pohoran is too hard because u cant just dps

    - well, its not that rewarding yet, at least I got 50x Moonstones from MoW, so im fine


    2. New Premium

    - okay, it has some issues about the 20s stuff

    - but we didnt get the P2W bonuses from Russia, thanks NCsoft !


    3. Event not rewarding

    - well, it isnt rewarding for people who want oils oils oils

    - for pvp u can farm materials now

    - and for me its more relaxing this way. I dont need to relog with gazillion chars to do daily event dungeon all the time (for oils)


    4. daily dash

    - not 15x Charms anymore, but hey, did u see that its 3x 1kkk chars now?

    - 10 pouches are fine, but I like Zulia feathers more, I will miss them.

    - also there is less shit in it now, like buff food, 3 rows of every draken token, forge orbs


    5. also

    - u can salvage yeoharan gloves

    - daily login issue (but u can buy the package in F10 for 0 ncoin exp charms), so its fine


    just my 5 cents

    Your "5 cents" isn't worth two. Everything you posted was just selfish. You care nothing for your peers as long as things look fine to you. What if everyone was forced to apples the rest of their lives? Is it fine with you because YOU like apples? 

  12. 24 minutes ago, CattoV said:

    Did u get a payment for say that or anything?

    I can assure you he didn't and that makes his post even more sad. I personally don't have much issue "clearing" the dungeon as i'm used to masochistic type of play. Still the dungeon is over tuned for an event and people not on my level of experience WILL struggle. Still i'm not selfish enough to use my success as a beacon of great development when i know i'm in the small minority. The topic creator is just a troll no different from the person who gets the goodies from RNG boxes and bags on the people who gets nothing, as if their success means everything is all good.

  13. it's only a matter of time before the defenders come in and try to explain why their abusive significant other, is just misunderstood. fanboys and ncsoft. funny how things i say come to pass as if i'm a prophet. ncsoft needs to get their act together but they won't as long as they keep you buying their rng boxes.

  14. I see where you're going but bad idea. You can't place value on uncertainty. All this does is allow them another way to feign value behind percentages they control. Meaning, you may never get anything of actual value from said jackpot seeing as there are a lot of people that have been playing since release and report they NEVER even seen a sparkling venture token from dungeon drops. They should give us something solid like i suggested. free costume trade to alts and no mailing fees on mats. 

  15. 6 hours ago, YunoGasaiYandere said:

    Have you read whole post or just text at the bottom? Free mailing to alts? Actually you get it. 15hongmoon coins each day=120coins in 8 days. 6 item delivery stamps are worth 114. So basically you get can transfer one outfit for free every 8 days. Discounted NC prices? They exist. Have you ever compared price in example of trade pouches for free players 799 coins vs 719 coins for free players. Also premium players can buy special premium pouch for only 30coins. You can win sacred oil. You think its bullshit because its RNG? Actually...its not. You see...all RNG boxes with useless  loot (most of time) cost 139coins. And premium will give boxes for only 30coins...

    None of that "free" stuff is "free" unless everyone gets it regardless of premium. So stop it. Nice try, better then most posts so far but allow me to deconstruct with ease.

    If i simply paid 10 bucks a month, i can do everything you just said x4 and save myself 15 dollars in 90 days. Not everyone buys/spends on RNG boxes or most of the items that are discounted so it's hard to argue for or against it as EVERYTHING is not discounted. If it was, then you'd have a point. Those special premium pouches will need ultra whales like zyrelia(no offense) to buy thousands to actually test their drop rate. Something tells me it's no different then trying to get hm coin from dungeon boxes. Yea, you'll hear the occasional guy getting an oil, or the inevitable reddit post showing someone's fortune but that means squat.


    Again, if you're paying for a service, you should feel happy with the service you're paying for. You people act like this is an entitled behavior, like we want NCSOFT to give us the moon. What i'm asking is not out of line. It's a damn decency to allow free swaps of items and costumes as long as your service is up. How is this asking too much? What if you paid for premium internet and your service perks were given to people paying for the budget deals? All they give you is 2 months of free net but what if you take a vacation or don't use your internet during those months?


    You'd feel slighted and you'd prolly opt to not continue paying the higher price. I know that analogy isn't perfect but it fits well enough considering a considerable amount of value is lost to premium members. Saying we'll complain is fine, but watch what happens when the complaints stop. THAT'S when you have a problem on your hands. Just be happy people take time to voice their concerns to allow the company to ignore or take heed. 

  16. 25 minutes ago, ArcanumZodiak said:

    Well, the wardrobe was one of the main reasons why i buy premium and to be honest i would trade that for the hmcoins any day. 

    I know i get less than 10 bucks monthly, but what people does not seem to realise is that those are EXTRA, you do not buy prmium for them, and for all the others complaining about it being useless for high lvl chars well, buying it just for the wardrobe, was still pretty pointless. 


    NCSOFT wasn't also obliged to give us any compensation for the premium lvls (im like less than 50 buxks away from premium 9). We got them as a BONUS for spending ncoins. 


    The only complaint i could have is that this premium wasnt here from day 1 in the game. 


    And yes, i still think ncsoft are greedy bunch (non tradable cash shop costumes is ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing disgusting, and the stamps were like a slap in the face,  just as an example) 

    You can believe what you want but by your own logic, they aren't even OBLIGATED to keep the servers running. Seriously, i hate this argument. The game is a free to play title. To keep the engine oiled, they need microtranscations and expensive crap. We get that. BUT.....they offer a service....with the cost being on par with pay to play MMO's. Those MMO'S don't charge you to wear your outfit on an alt. (most of them don't i haven't played every single freaking game) Those MMO's tend to have value over anyone playing a "trial" version of the game. You pay your monthly fee and you get full service.


    BnS, which should stand for BULL and you know what., Is a direct competitor with other game companies offering similar services and yet the value here is hot garbage. The only people satisfied are the same people who have no overall complaints at all with the game in general. If they do have a complaint, it's minor or negligible or one they won't voice.


    EXAMPLE: Let's say you had a small yard and i offered to cut your grass for 100 bucks a month. You would most likely ask, what all comes with that. I tell you, it comes with the convenience of cutting, weed eating and not having to do it yourself.  If you're not stupid, you'd say that's too much for a small yard especially when i could just go to a PROFESSIONAL service and get more for the price you're offering.(trimmed hedges, treated and manicured grass, landscape correction, etc.)Most "smart" people would then turn to just cut the grass themselves or pay a better service. <------How many of you failed to follow that?

  17. 2 hours ago, YunoGasaiYandere said:

    Failed logic. You spent your money. You got items you bought. You got premium service by paying those money. And you demand more just because they removed premium levels? You should be grateful,that they decided to give you anything. 1month for stage 9 and two months for stage 10 looks cool. They give you free premium when it wasn't necessary.

    Never will i fail at logic. That's like a 3 year old attempting to tell me what life is all about. You're the metaphorical 3 year old if you think my logic wasn't on point here. Since you need comprehension improvements, i'll explain it to you. If people either don't, can't or won't support a service based on those people believing the service is under valued, who do you feel the costs of maintenance  will fall to? The business won't tuck tail, roll over and die, they'll attempt ways to recoup losses. 


    Every business consists of number crunchers and charters. Asian business ethics are much more loose and anti consumer then western business ethics so the tactics used to gain the most profit for the least value is favorable. This is why almost everything is expensive as hell regardless of it's value when you buy anything from that portion of the world. So they won't give us value unless they feel the cost will outweigh the gain, which means: do or die.


    So to spell it out for your simple mind to understand, if people like me choose to no longer support the game, fanboys/girls and f2players will eventually fold themselves under the tyranny of greed. Most people aren't financially educated and have no real concept of a dollar's value. That's why you feel satisfied with anything you get because you have no clue or you're mislead to believe your dollar means very little. You let "social media" lie to you about how the american dollar is worthless or losing value when you really have no concept of what that even means.


    These companies know full well the majority of antisocial and self isolated gamers are typically impulsive and insecure. This is why microtransactions are used in almost every game now because there is a huge lack of discipline when it comes to how easy it is to pull a dollar from a gamer. Do some research into psychology if you feel i'm talking out my ass here. The end result is ALWAYS THE SAME. The small minority (people who blindly defend) will be left with a crappy product that ultimately dies and ends up a huge waste of everyone's time EXCEPT the people making all the money. 


    If you feel, that turning your butt cheek to people when they're arguing why they don't feel they should spend money, is a good response then YOU my friend are suffering from failed logic. Now mark my words and let's see who's right during the test of time.

  18. Heh heh, it's so useless even replying to most of the drones that frequent this forum. They can't understand that we (people currently paying for premium) are discussing/informing ncsoft why we probably WON'T be continuing our subscription. Now, how is that beneficial for ANYONE? including people now getting free wardrobe? Do you honestly believe they won't come up with another way to cover the cost of people dropping premium service? It's going to result into more RNG boxes and an events like it.


    The name of the game is: little effort, huge rewards. Very similar to how most classes are balanced in pvp. Once more and more people drop premium service, YOU WILL PAY THE PRICE one way or another. Funny how 90% of what i say comes to pass yet people still feel the need to debate my arguments. Again, i'm very close to the text book dictionary of the word "fool" when i attempt to explain simple things to people here. Why? because i'm the one dumb enough to believe most of you can understand logic.