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  1. So two days ago i was with my clan members doing black tower we reached to raven and i got an authentication failure message which disconnected me from the game, i tried to log in.. it appeared that they blocked my account, i contacted support to ask what the hell is going on, one of the GMs replied telling me that she placed a temporary block on my account because they detected some suspicious activity on my account.. another GM helped me recover my account and i changed all passwords and i logged in to the game, after logging in i found out that all my gold on all my characte
  2. I totally agree the tower of infinity system needs some change, even though I'm not a new player I still didn't get my badge because of the high prices on tokens...players take advantage of seasons change and sell tokens for a very high price when the tokens are no longer obtainable... and for me obtaining tokens by doing tower of infinity is not fair because I'm not into PvP or anything related to it its not my thing and I'm not welling to pay around a 1000g for some badge
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