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  1. Hi. I got the character slot + level 60 boost voucher and am trying to make a Gunslinger using both of these vouchers; I can add a character slot and go to character creation but when I need to select a server it says its crowded but there's only 1 server. Is there a limit per server? I currently have 2 characters on Yura, because there's no other options. Do I need to delete my Assassin to play Gunslinger? What's the purpose of multiple character slots if you're only allowed 2 per server with 1 server available?
  2. Sorry if this is a dumb question, I'm not very familiar with mmorpgs - while the maintenance has the servers down I was doing some scavenging and I saw this event gives an Astromancer outfit for completing 3 daily challenges 3x. I started the game the other day and am currently a F2P LV. 48 Stormweaver Astromancer; how difficult are the daily challenges to complete for a newer f2p player? I am mainly going along with the story and am on Act 4 Chapter 7. I haven't spent any money on weapons/gear and am currently using what I get from story+dailies/dynamics+wheels of fate. I usually
  3. Also getting this error on geforce now; sent a tech support report on the issue to the gfn forums hoping it gets fixed because it's supposedly a firewall error which we can't fix as players on the VM.
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