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  1. Arena screen

    good boi, you can have a candy Yes, that is the #1 issue with this game, until they fix that I refuse to do arena. (So many abusing it, to gain season rewards, not even speaking about multiple ones...)

    and you have no idea, what word busted means. do you? what play style you even talking about, its clearly a head start given to kids who got no style, and abuses it to gain advantage over their opponent which is cheating. (to gain their ranks, and season rewards) now back to the topic: once I've experienced this couple of times, I never tried Arena again (Legit to say its broken!) promoting this game as esports its a big joke!
  3. A Soultion to stop scammers into raids

    Yes, its a good idea and already been asked countless times. Guess its not happening until they nerf raids to 6 players and makes it dungeons instead. (When the game gonna be barely alive) They can't even fix simple bugs which been reported nor tweak simple solutions. While this one requires whole recoding of raids. I mean, it really makes me feel that the real coders of this game abandoned this project and already working on new games. While all updates we get its cosmetics, new stat items just edit work on already built platform.
  4. What happen to Naksun 10 moonstone bundle

    Now this guy, makes some sense.
  5. What happen to Naksun 10 moonstone bundle

    you got Celestial Basin
  6. A Soultion to stop scammers into raids

    How you came up with that? This idea brilliant!
  7. What happen to Naksun 10 moonstone bundle

    I think its about time to remove Moonstone Crystals from Naksun, way too easy content with current gear. So maybe we can earn more gold from Battle Grounds, and cancer we get there. (PvP gear aren't so cheap)
  8. Remove/Expire all existing Chocolate Delight!

    I can tell that you have no experience with Battle Grounds, no I'm talking about dragon forge users. You just take those stats on paper or how it supposed to work, guess what it doesn't work that way! Please analyze this: how summoners Wine Whips 300k+ Crits, no CC applied, through the Stealth. (It's new incoming meta and broken class)
  9. By not taking action, you just promoting cheating, bug abusing and unfair gameplay! I do understand that you are publisher and waiting patches from game developers. But this bug has been reported months ago and its game breaking, especially at the end of Battle Grounds season.
  10. They couldn't even make that True Heart visual effect work properly as its intended. Why would you think they gonna bring it back as skin? Caution: The effect disappears after switching zones. Reequip the Heart to restart the effect. ^ best meme ever. I'm pretty sure they getting rid of that True Heart just to hide how bugged their game is.
  11. Remove/Expire all existing Chocolate Delight!

    20 AP always handy, 200 Piercing thats superior BG stat, 200 Accuracy also handy. 500 Critical / 500 Life drain on crit, thats rly good boost, since you are low on crit with PvP soulshields. (Players wouldn't use Crit. Def. otherwise) And yet I'm getting critted a lot with 4.5k crit. def. 30k HP its super big boost, prevents players dying in so many situations. Psyches 1224 pvp defense its max what you get from 6 accessories. Even new charms with 5000 pvp defense not doing a trick. (Piercing is way too overpowered stat)
  12. Remove/Expire all existing Chocolate Delight!

    Exactly, but the problem is that we got this game only published by company and not its developers. They can't fix a thing, nor tweak game client. While database its their authority so they can remove malicious items like this at their own.
  13. Remove/Expire all existing Chocolate Delight!

    Those aren't so impactful as Chocolate Delight, and its not so game breaking. It would be selfish if someone would use it as its intended (dungeons), but now everyone buying it just to abuse it in 6v6 matches. It was the problem from the start, its been reported multiple times. But now as season ends, and everyone heading for their rewards its getting frustrating. Salty? Its just you who trolls every single topic, with irrelevant non sense. Butt handed? I'm talking gold games, since I'm heading to top15 class rank season rewards. Small buff? That chocolate delight buff alone is much better than 6 set accessories Augmented MAX! New PvP Augmentation System: 6 Accessories: 6 x 3985 HP = 23910 HP 6 x 204 Defense = 1224 Defense Chocolate Delight: 30000 HP Life Drain +500 on a Critical Hit Defense 500 Attack Power +20 Piercing +200 Accuracy +200 Critical +500 So you tell me, whats better grind PvP psyches, upgrade your PvP gear, or just buy Chocolate Delight with few gold and abuse it?
  14. Remove/Expire all existing Chocolate Delight!

    Your argument is invalid. If you cannot use Chocolate Delight inside the Battle Grounds, but you bypassing it to have its buff, that is clearly bug abuse. Your terms "Free" and "Profit" are irrelevant.
  15. Remove/Expire all existing Chocolate Delight!

    Its clearly stated as Dungeons Only, but ppl intentionally come with that buff to Battle Grounds. (Once you are inside the Battle Grounds, you cannot use it)
  16. 1. Its like having an extra maxed out PET! 2. It cannot be used inside the Battle Grounds [Bug Abuse!] Will you ban those players, who is abusing this bug? [100% proof can be provided by comparing party HP bar with profile HP pool] Solutions: 1. Fix the bug! 2. Remove all existing Chocolate Delights [If bug cannot be fixed immediately] 3. Punish the BUG ABUSERS! [7days Ban Stick and Battle Grounds rank reset, would be fair enough]
  17. Looks like you are nice guy, and keeping this post on topic. But I can tell that you are not experienced with Battle Grounds or at least not heading for its weekly/season rewards. [This 30k HP buff alone, prevents players from dying in so many situations] Have seen players stacked over 1k those chocolates. [Battle Grounds usage only, peak time of abuse -> end of the seasons] Game doesn't allow to use it inside the Battle Grounds. They just bypassing it [Not gonna tell how, it should be against TOS] thats why its clearly BUG ABUSE. [Battle Grounds aren't considered as Dungeon]
  18. Storm Dragon/Exalted Weapon Path

    ^ that is how they do math and killing their own game. Agree with everything been said on this topic.
  19. Shall we report those bug abusers, and will they ever get punished? (Most of 'em are big spenders ) 30k HP buff is a big deal, when it comes to battlegrounds since its 1 hit fest.
  20. Skyrift Mystic Badge now also causes Dark Strike to deal 220% of Attack Power as additional damage while the Skyrift effect is active. ^ missing this Slayer Soul Shield 3-piece set effect now increases the damage of Heart Stab and Bombard by 15%. It also increases the damage of Dark Strike, Lightning Pierce, Close Shave, and Lightning Rend by 25%, down from 40%. Slayer Soul Shield 8-piece set effect now increases the damage of Heart Stab and Bombard by 20%, down from 35%. It also increases the damage of Dark Strike, Lightning Pierce, Close Shave, and Lightning Rend by 15%. ^ set 3 only 20% dark strike, set 8 increased damage of poison breath
  21. Why nerf Gunners?

    We demand the true Nerf, cut aransu badge by 50% as bonus for upcoming nerf. (Someone misstyped numbers while creating it) plus mobility, cut down those ridiculous jumps max 2! or 3sec cooldown between each one!
  22. Overpowered Classes

    Agree with this one. Playing as Assassin its so boring to kite all those BD's until they run out of their spins.
  23. Overpowered Classes

    Skills should be touched only for the Arena PvP balance. While 6v6 most efficient way Badges and Weapon Effects.
  24. Will we ever get a Gatling Gun class?

    Before they find the right balance between existing classes I don't want any new ones. (Gunner class, ruined game for me) And yes, dual wield assassin would be much cooler than this hybrid shuriken one.
  25. Clan Battle the best Meme

    Not doing this content by myself. But totally can understand whole situation and agree with every bit of rage. While this can be fixed Quick and Easy!