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  1. Solution to massive crashes on Silverfrost patch

    I already tried that and everything else that it was suggested on forum and still nothing...
  2. Constant crashing SOLVED! (finally!)

    the thing is so many people get so many different kinds of errors and the game keeps crashing in different circumstances and I can t see why. I played this game before a while back and it didn t have any of these problems. When I started playing again I found my character deleted. Well that was it I made a new one and when I reached the part of the game when you go to SilverFrost Mountain it crashed like for good. The game crashed before but I could always just log back, but now after character selection it s loadind and it crashes and an error pops up. I have another character on which I can play (still get errors but at least it eters the game) but on the one at SilverFrost Mountain it won t even enter. Someone has to do something about these bugs or whatever they are othewise people will stop playing and it s a shame because it s brilliant game. And if someone can help me please...
  3. Solution to massive crashes on Silverfrost patch

    well I did everything you said and it still crashed. But maybe my problem is different because I have 2 accounts and one of them is located on Silverfrost Mountain. I can play the game on my other account but not on the one on SilverFrost Mountain. It just won t let me play after character selection it s loading and then when it s about to enter the game it just crashes and an error pops up. What should I do ?