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  1. Hello¡¡ :paper:


    I´ve been recommended to post some issues or problems I find at game and there is one that at least in my case is something important, some players or at least me when we heard about the 3rd spec saved a lot of dragonflame jewels as well as the event mats to upgrade the new BT and VT accessories for the KFM and BM 3rd classes and I realized 1st and 2nd specs accessories can still be upgraded using the event mats but 3rd spec ones don´t, so idk what can I do with all those mats specially the upgrades from stage 3-4 and 6-7


    I will add some screens showing it, and I need your advise, should I make a ticket to support or it is a common problem that maybe will be fixed later?
    Thank you and have fun :HajoonCheer:




  2. Hello devs and community 


    There are some outfits that me, and other players think should come back to the game store (F10) or daily sell

    • White Ice
    • White Seductress & mask
    • 8 masters outfits (specially the first ones)
    • Yunwa and Yehara outfits & hairstyles (this two I really wanted them to come back)


    Also I would like to see the outfits you all want to come back :)

    I really wish someday we can see this costumes back in the server and I count with other players support for this petition

    as for me.. pls bring back Yehara´s and Yunwa´s outfit :please:


    Thanks :YeharaBig:





  3. Hello

    New installer is still guving me the same problem I updated the launcher at the beginning of the update and it removed all my BnS files to reinstall it..later in the support page it say its the wrong installer and I need o do cntrl +F5 to get the correct one but it close the page, i´m trying updating the page to download but it keeps saying me the same
    Any solution? what should I do??

  4. Everyone´s in game love or like Yura´s style, the Scorpion Queen assasin, or at least her hairstyle

    I am one of those who agree is one of the best hairstyles in game, so I ask if it will come back sometime? I tried to get it in trove when it was released but have no lucky and it goes away very fast.

    I really hope the hairstyle can be back, at least in Hongmoon Store or any bundle, and I know so much people also want it back

    Pls come back Yura´s hair :please:




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