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  1. Hello¡¡ I´ve been recommended to post some issues or problems I find at game and there is one that at least in my case is something important, some players or at least me when we heard about the 3rd spec saved a lot of dragonflame jewels as well as the event mats to upgrade the new BT and VT accessories for the KFM and BM 3rd classes and I realized 1st and 2nd specs accessories can still be upgraded using the event mats but 3rd spec ones don´t, so idk what can I do with all those mats specially the upgrades from stage 3-4 and 6-7 I will add some screens showing it, and
  2. Hello devs and community There are some outfits that me, and other players think should come back to the game store (F10) or daily sell White Ice White Seductress & mask 8 masters outfits (specially the first ones) Yunwa and Yehara outfits & hairstyles (this two I really wanted them to come back) Also I would like to see the outfits you all want to come back :) I really wish someday we can see this costumes back in the server and I count with other players support for this petition as for me.. pls bring back Yehara´s and Yunwa´s
  3. Hello New installer is still guving me the same problem I updated the launcher at the beginning of the update and it removed all my BnS files to reinstall it..later in the support page it say its the wrong installer and I need o do cntrl +F5 to get the correct one but it close the page, i´m trying updating the page to download but it keeps saying me the same Any solution? what should I do??
  4. Sad to hear you`ll be leaving, best of luck in all your future endeavors. We will miss you..
  5. Everyone´s in game love or like Yura´s style, the Scorpion Queen assasin, or at least her hairstyle I am one of those who agree is one of the best hairstyles in game, so I ask if it will come back sometime? I tried to get it in trove when it was released but have no lucky and it goes away very fast. I really hope the hairstyle can be back, at least in Hongmoon Store or any bundle, and I know so much people also want it back Pls come back Yura´s hair
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