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  1. Hi! Are there any plans to to release how many valentine's event tokens we get per task - that is, DC, Weekly, DKV, FAS, and SJF?
  2. There has been mass disconnection and mass lag spikes due to server-side issues for 2 days now. We should get compensation for this
  3. 1.) Will every Radiant Energy antiqued get the added 5g over the next patch? I.e. if someone buys off Radiants on F5, will those get counted to the ones getting additional 5g? Or will the Radiant Energies currently in our Inventory/Bank will get counted? 2.) When will we get our 1-week Premium? Right after exchanging the antiques? Over the next two weeks? After the next two weeks?
  4. Do you realize that this majorly affected F2P players too, as the way to obtain the said gems got removed (and instead will be antiqued to a lesser value than it was originally going for?)
  5. How is this system going for the original "intention to provide easier access, flexibility, and progression with the Hongmoon Gems?" This goes 100% opposite of that. Radiant Energies go for 30 NCoins - at the current 1 NCoin: 2 gold rate, that's worth 15g. How isn't this sudden change made on the patch day itself not going to cause any sort of problem?
  6. Have they released concrete info on how many event tokens we get per task? I checked on reddit, and the stream recap thread said that Event Dungeon gives you 4 event tokens (can confirm, I saw it in stream), and that DC gives you 6 tokens (this I cannot confirm), but how about DKV, weekly, and a possible F10 event token? I just want to do the math ASAP since 80 event tokens for Sacred Oil and 120 event tokens for Tier 3 Amethyst (Tier 3!!!) sounds super yummy.
  7. Nebula stones are useable until Oct 18th - this has announced over and over again in the past already. I don't know whether it will reduce the reduced cost or keep it as we have now, but I did the math and Nebula stones are still better for most upgrades. It's 100% better going Stage 5-6, and are mostly better from stages 1-5 and 6-9. New upgrade path slightly reduces the raw gold needed (by around 10-20g from Nebula), but Nebula reduces the upgrade materials needed for the said stages. For stages 9-11, New upgrade path is cheaper on raw gold, soulstone crystal (by 10), and moonsto
  8. More announcement will come tomorrow during the stream. I personally decided that I will just choose accordingly after the stream (If I will drop Merry now and do Forge, or just do Forge after the update, depending on what compensation we will get)
  9. Upgrade paths will not be different after Oct 18 - Nebula stone upgrade path will just be removed (and thus, the Nebula stone will essentially be useless/antiques).
  10. Just remember that progression in BnS isn't about level - since the story send you straight to the beginning of endgame. Rather, its all about gear - I'm currently HM 10, halfway towards HM 11, after about a month of playing (doing Daily Challenge, purple train, exp charms whenever I get one). I've been out-DPSed by an HM 8 before who had BT (Black Tower/Skybreak Spire, 2nd to last endgame dungeon) accessories; meanwhile, my alt is HM 8/9 but still does subpar damage since its just equipped with pinnacle accessories and true ivorymoon weapon. Theoretically, you could grind for exp
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