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  1. Can confirm this is an actual issue. Due to the way this game is coded along with that wall, it moves at a speed at which it will close the distance that would be considered the "reactive zone". This zone being the distance that needs to be between you and the wall to be able to move again before the wall pushes you a second time. By passing through you lose control over your character as it enters the push back animation. My best guess of the timings is that a player has about 200-250ms to respond to this push before the wall pushes them a second time. This being the case means that any player with over 250ms, going by the higher estimate, cannot move through this wall without permanently losing control over their character due to being pushed indefinitely. You will be pushed, try to move, maybe even take a step. But by the time that step is taken your server side version of the character has already hit the wall a second time, which causes you to get pushed again.