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  1. Both of you can reach me on discord. Queen ofBlades#0742
  2. you was on my post an hour ago. ill join! my name is Darren Sato
  3. i have some cool friends and when we play its just like an anime. we have and anime light rp going on and no not the sexual kind and all i need know is a yaoi lyn male adult for my adult lyn. cant continue story with out one. if you like yaoi and anime rp inbox me in game or something or post here i guess.
  4. i found out that some of the servers are merged too but idk how to know which ones are and not. i once saw a friend recreate his character in total different server name, but some how when he was done we both was able to play and see each other in mushin.
  5. to find me i believe all you type in is Darren Sato in friends search. i know my name comes up on the mailing list i believe too.
  6. ty! i believe bns is nothing but an anime itself. why would you not create an side story that you and your friends can enjoy to add more reasons to play.
  7. Yes ofcourse you can! Are you on mushin server?
  8. how do i upload the images? also i updated all my drivers, it appears that that may not be the issue.
  9. idk what happen but i recently deleted and then reinstalled blade and soul and all of a sudden i have some low resolution on ultra setting. in some cut scenes some characters hair is just about pix-elated. this has never happen before and i have a high end pc. the game ran just fine before i uninstalled and reinstalled it. it feels like 1 and 5 resolution are happening at the same time. can any help me fix this please? i really want to go back to playing and i cant until i fix this. i mean this was not happening before and i checked all my settings.
  10. Darren Sato facts: 1. grew up with his cat as an orphen boy, they would often sneak into town and still fish from the fishermen. 2. He is a very good prankster and along side his cat they make the ultimate prankster team. my character reminds me a lot of Ed from fullmetal alchemist. personality wise they talk and act the same way pretty much, just without all the seriousness Ed has. 3. in the inside he is much weaker then the strength he tries to portray on the outside when things go wrong or like when he has someone important to him walks out his life. he tries to hide hi
  11. oh wow! i have never seen an attractive male jin before! now i have to make one just for the sake of the story lol. have any room to make a lyn adult male?
  12. So.....where are you? What do I type in to find you?
  13. you dont need to be a pro at it! and also i seen bara books too i love it.
  14. i play on the mushin server! i am so glad someone answered, i got worried at first! do you play often?
  15. I been working on a yoai story line for my character but...i can find friends for my story to play roles but i cant find a seme to continue. is anyone interested? also my character is an adult lyn. if anyone would like to be part of some yaoi anime light rp, let me know! i would love to have more characters to adventure with and make memorable moments.
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