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  1. Yeah, an end game geared fire gunner can do 2000K dmg at the beginning. Not any of a class can hold thier arrgo.
  2. What does affect dps so much?

    I’m HM8 and I do 55k dmg, but when I apply to a party most of them won’t accept. Cuz my HM level. XD
  3. 2000 key trove results and thoughts

    Why when I opened Trove the Oct gems are much more rarely than the Gilded Triangle gems ?
  4. When elemental accs are not the best PVE equipments.
  5. KFM Braclet and Weapon Not Buffed?

    KMF got buffed when that patch released, for 1 hour, and then it became to what it used to be.
  6. Ancestral Badge

    I got the Aransu Mystic badge and Msp3+5Bt SS, and I do 150k dmg per Sec. Before, I use 8 Bt set andancestral badge and another purple badge, and I did 200K dmg per sec. with warlock the build I used have I can do 400k dmg for just pressing R. Lol
  7. Friendly advice about Trove

    I run BT today but only boss1-3, and got all elements gears. Rarely do boss 4 idk
  8. Friendly advice about Trove

    All I want is Raven King's Ferocity.
  9. Trove Anouncement

    Trove key can instantly restock trove.
  10. Trove Anouncement

    It’s a treasure trove that you can purchase materials with golds. It will restock everyday, or you can purchase trove key through HM store.
  11. Skill modifiers for the following classes and equipment has been increased. Blade Master – Divine Dragon Bracelet and Tiger Bracelet Kung Fu Master – Divine Dragon Bracelet, Raven Weapon Stage 1-9, and Aransu Weapon Stage 1-6 Destroyer – Aransu Weapon Stage 1-6
  12. WTB Pet pod

    85G each Zulia add me if you want to trade. if you think the price is lower than your selling price we can negotiate it. thanks.
  13. please help me: Fire or WIND VT badge

    Trust me, go fire KFM.
  14. KFM Braclet and Weapon Not Buffed?

    same question.
  15. KFM