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  1. Hello! I noticed it's been awhile since we ever had a recent "Character Presets" post, with updated presets for different races, etc. I've made quite a few on UE3 (That still work) and also new UE4 ones, I know a lot of people can be lazy and just want to get to playing the game so they don't want to spend too much time creating a character that looks good, which is completely understandable, so I have made some presets for those people who don't like to spend time on making a character, or even for people who just need a good base for a look they want to achieve for their own ch
  2. I agree to this, also another thing they should consider is making outfit stamps either cheaper, or just not there, and the outfits are shared through out all your characters. I paid for the outfits, why do I have to pay more money just for another character to own a outfit I already paid for.
  3. Well, I understand the whole, entering a dungeon and if you're not top of the PvP/PvE spectrum they'll laugh at you or leave. I keep going to enter Citadel, I'm HM8(Still quite new to this game, I started a couple weeks ago) I know all the mechanics, but everyone leaves because i'm not HM10+ (For some reason, even tho it says HM9 recommended, not need.) and it's quite annoying. I hate the people who take this game too seriously as well, BUT I did join a guild who is quite friendly, we all play this game for fun, but we're on the Juwol/Yunwa server (Both combined together now) and Cerulean Legi
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