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  1. Thank you Pulchritude and Nala very much for responding to my two main concerns. I really have three names I like to use Pulchritude, so I wouldnt mind creating my new main character under one of the other three names I like. I also have one character slot on my account free, which is good, since I can guarantee to transfer my outfit from Etrasil (current char.) to my new character (thank you for mentioning that Nala, much appreciated).


    So based on both of your responses, my current plan of action would be to:

    1. Create a new character with a new name on Group 2 (Mushin Server) since it is cheaper than paying for a transfer and I can name my new main under one of the three names I usually reserve.

    2. Save enough until I can get the stamps I need to transfer the outfit from Etrasil to my new main.


    Thank you both so much,

    Currently working on #1 right now.


    P.S: My new main is Ellaheh (KFM) on Mushin. Going through the beginning again but its much faster now heh.

  2. 54 minutes ago, Pulchritude said:

    This might not be what you want to hear but this is the best advice I can give: restart your character on another server.


    You are currently on a server that's part of Group 5. If you want to progress in end game content (i.e. Raid), Group 5 has very very limited options. The disbanding of a major Group 5 clan resulted in a lot of players who are proficient at end game content leaving for other servers. So while big clans on other servers offer multiple raids a week, Group 5 clans ally together to form one raid...


    If you plan to avoid raids all together, then disregard this post. Group 5 is great for players who like solo content and SSP farming.

    Thank you for your advice. I have two major questions that would help me confirm whether or not I will follow it:


    1.I know that there are character transfers that can be done. I was reading the support article in regards to that and they say that any item purchased via the HM store is account bound, which is good, as I bought a Rising Sun costume on my current main character.
    My character is also now level 16 so I am eligible. However, there seems to be an error (and it seems like support is already aware of this error). So, I guess what I'm asking is, would it be better to transfer my character from group 5 to another group or create a new character? It seems like the best option for me would be to buy a character transfer so I dont lose my current progress and to ensure safekeeping of my rising sun outfit.


    2. What server or group would you then recommend me transferring too? This is in regards to if I want accessability to end game content more easily and in regards to the fact that I speak english and french (mostly english), and would like one of the perks to be that I can easily communicate with other players on the server.


    Thank you for your time in advance,



  3. Hi everyone!


    My name is Zayd and I'm a new player to Blade & Soul. Currently, I'm on the **Edited** (Mushin) Server and my character's name is **Edited** Ellaheh (Kung-Fu Master). Loving the survey idea btw! I just wanted to say I'm enjoying the game a lot so far (on my own at the moment but have two lvl 50's added who have been extremely friendly to me and offered me invaluable advice, like for example waiting to get to level 50 before buying the master's bundle and more tips and questions I had).


    I'm from ON, Canada and would like to start making more friends, and hopefully find a clan eventually as that was highly recommended by my two new lvl 50 friends.


    I was looking for a new player section on the forums but couldn't find one, so, apologies in advance in regards to that.


    I have one main question, and it's related to dungeons. So, I read on the wiki here: http://bladeandsoul.gamepedia.com/Dungeons that I can start my first dungeon at level 14, but it feels as though I've already done the first three on my own through questing. The "dungeon" I seem to see on the dungeon finder is the purple one at level 20. Are the level 14 "dungeons" just like solo quest ones that you can party up for or is it separate?

     Kind of confused as the wiki doesn't really elaborate all that much.


    Thank you in advance


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